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INFOGRAPHIC: See How Online Tuition Stacks Up


The most effective way to save money on a quality college education is to get your degree online. We recently commissioned a study to help us illustrate varying tuition costs, and the numbers are astonishing.

The study revealed that the average annual tuition at for-profit colleges is more than twice as expensive as Berklee Online. Yes, we know it sounds like we are tooting our own horn. We’re a music college though, we can’t be expected to just leave horns un-tooted, can we? And is it really tooting your own horn if it’s all true?

In our research, we discovered that even average annual tuition at other accredited non-profit online universities is roughly $11,000 more expensive than tuition for a year with Berklee Online! You might already know that Berklee Online’s tuition is 64 percent less than on-campus tuition at Berklee’s Boston campus, but the infographic below reveals a host of other benefits you might not know about.

Berklee Online is the world’s biggest online music school—more than 30,000 musicians from more than 140 countries—but classes will never have more than 20 students per section. Our students also enjoy the same benefits as those who go to class at the college’s Boston campus, including receiving instruction from the same world-renowned faculty, receiving guidance from Berklee-trained academic advisors, and the ability to walk at commencement.

Check out the infographic below!


Berklee Online is the online extension school of Berklee College of Music, delivering access to Berklee’s acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world. Berklee Online's award-winning online courses, multi-course certificate programs, and Bachelor of Professional Studies degree are accredited and taught by the college's world-renowned faculty, providing lifelong learning opportunities to people interested in music and working in the music industry.
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