Last Thursday, we launched our Musicians’ Tips & Tricks series with Neil Codling. Known for his work with Suede* and the Penguin Cafe, Neil offers tips for recording and tracking drums, bass, guitar, and backing vocals. He uses examples from his own recordings with Suede and the Penguin Cafe in addition to highlighting techniques used by Prince, Elvis Costello, and others.

Neil was a pleasure to work with and we hope to bring him on for more Berklee Online specials in the future. The Musicians’ Tips & Tricks series will continue in the next couple of months. I can’t say with who just yet, but we’re in touch with some amazing, internationally known musicians who want to share their expertise with Berklee students. Make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for all updates!

Let’s close things out with the video for Suede’s 1996 single “Beautiful Ones.” You can see Neil on keyboards and singing backing vocals. Seriously, did any other band in the ’90s look half as cool as Suede? I think not…

*The London Suede, for those of you reading this in North America.