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Podcast Episode 024: Ben Vaughn Talks Television Scoring, Production, and Songwriting

Ben Vaughn is best known for his work on That 70s Show, but he also has extensive experience in production and songwriting.


Prince, Biggie, Lou Reed, Radiohead, and More: Berklee Online Instructors Are Kind of a Big Deal

Berklee Online has released a series of animated videos to celebrate its brand new online master’s degree program.

Recording with Prince: An Interview with Susan Rogers from Berklee Online

Susan Rogers—who teaches the graduate course Psychoacoustics in Music Production for Berklee Online—worked as Prince’s staff engineer from 1983-1987. She discusses an average day with Prince.

Podcast Episode 018: Dean Ween (AKA Mickey Melchiondo)

If the name Michael Melchiondo does not ring a bell, it’s because he is known professionally by his stage name of Dean Ween. Click to check out what Deaner was talking about. (That’s a Ween reference!)

Music Business and Music Production Desktop

Berklee Online Announces Master's Degree Programs

Yes, you read the headline correctly: Berklee Online has just announced its first master’s degree programs!