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Tips for Sending Press Releases to Music Writers

Hypebot recently featured a great article by Lueda Alia inspired by Zach Schonfield’s Newsweek article “I Read and Replied to Every Single PR Email I Received for a Week.” Lueda makes a lot of valid points about pitching your press releases to music writers.

Many artists or publicists will send press releases to a blanket list of music writers, regardless of whether or not these writers even cover your genre. In addition to my role as Berklee Online’s social media queen and marketing communications writer, I write for the Boston-based site Vanyaland and have previously written about music for the Huffington Post‘s Arts & Culture blog. My email address has found its way onto many promoters’ email lists. The vast majority of promotional emails I receive aren’t relevant to what I cover. I like Lueda’s approach to sending targeted press releases:

1) Do your research.

2) Make appropriate target lists for each client.

3) Personalize your emails — why would the writer like this band?

She’s quick to remind readers that for many of us, music writing isn’t our full-time gig so don’t get offended if your press release goes into the email abyss. But she is a firm believer that if you take the time to promote your music to the right blogs and writers, you’ll see a greater return on your time investment. I am inclined to strongly agree.

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Kayley Kravitz has previously written for Vanyaland, the Huffington Post, the Boston Phoenix, and Filter magazine. When she's not writing for this blog, she can be found spinning forgotten Britpop singles in Harvard Square.
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