The Behringer Model D is a faithful recreation of the legendary Moog Model D analog synthesizer, priced at a fraction of the cost of the original. With an advertised street price of $300, this recreation is less than a tenth of the price of an original Model D! Even if you’re not a fan of Behringer products, you’ve got to be curious about this unit, right? Well, there are a lot of wonderful reviews of the Behringer Model D on YouTube already, including an amazing direct comparison between the Behringer and an original Moog Model D by Synthpro.

So, rather than doing another review of the Behringer Model D, my objective in this video is to show how this synth actually works in the mix by programming some patches (chords, bass, and a lead sound) and demonstrating how you can incorporate it into your production workflow. I hope you find this video helpful!

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 Published July 23, 2018