Here at Berklee Online, we are dedicated to arming our students with the skills and knowledge not only necessary to be successful musicians and producers, but also a thorough understanding of the music business itself. Music Business Finance covers everything from understanding financial calculations to interest rates to crowd funding.

“The course is meant to prepare musicians for business giving them a specialized understanding of topics that are not yet covered in mainstream music business texts,” explains course author and instructor Peter Alhadeff. “You will learn how to properly budget your crowdfunding project, immerse yourself into the world of startups and venture/angel financing, and appreciate company valuations, including cap tables and business diagnostics, and company records. But the strongest appeal of the course likely lies in how it helps DIY musicians prepare for life ahead, both inside and outside music. Annuities and loan financing, especially car and mortgage loans (both business and residential), are covered in depth — so is the study of stocks and bonds.”

Peter Alhadeff

Peter Alhadeff

Alhadeff’s students praise both the course itself and the instructor’s expertise. “Peter Alhadeff is not only knowledgeable but also excellent at adapting the material to each student’s experience level and interests, so whether you’re familiar with the subject area or don’t know which way to hold a calculator, Peter will help you to get the most from the course,” says student Maureen Lilla.

Berklee Online attracts students interested in all music industry fields. Music Business Finance is beneficial for anyone, from songwriters to tour managers. “Music careers have been financed in the past by corporations, and this is epitomized by the recording label or publishing house ‘advance.’ Sites like PledgeMusic and Kickstarter are now changing the playbook for artists,” says Alhadeff. “Whether you are an aspiring music entrepreneur or a DIY musician, producer, songwriter, or manager, you will ride the horse of music to get your finance chops up to a very high level of proficiency. This course should save you a lot of money while informing you about business in general and the music business in particular.”

You can view the Music Business Finance syllabus here and read more student reviews of the course here.