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Songwriting Techniques Using Destination and Object Writing

With these songwriting tips from Berklee Online instructor Andrea Stolpe, learn how to write lyrics using the destination writing technique. 


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Lyric Writing Tips That Only Take 5 Minutes

Sometimes, songwriting can feel like pushing a boulder uphill. But songwriting tools help us work through difficult songs or plateaus in our writing.

Tips for Writing Big Message Songs

There are two topics they say never to bring up with your inlaws – religion and politics. Funny enough, those same topics carry some baggage for songwriters, too, though not for the same reasons.

How to Become a Unique Songwriter

What many artists don’t realize is that originality is not planned, but the product of fervent exploration leading to happy accidents.

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How to Find a Music Collaborator

Berklee Online songwriting instructor Andrea Stolpe talks about finding a collaborator as a songwriter and what they can bring to your music.

Song Lyrics: Writing with Small Moments

If you’ve been writing songs very long, you may have heard how important “imagery” can be in songwriting.

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How to Write Song Lyrics

Learn how to write song lyrics for the first time with these five steps from singer and multiplatinum songwriter Andrea Stolpe at Berklee Online.

How to Get Better Feedback On Your Songs

Berklee Online songwriting instructor Andrea Stolpe offers six tips for getting better feedback on your songs as a songwriter.

Simple Piano Tips for Songwriters

In my experience working with singer-songwriters, a topic that often emerges is how to use simple and strong instrumental techniques to express our songs.

How to Build Your Songwriting Team

The typical performing songwriter is both the man-power behind and the face in front of a business built from the ground up.