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Jonathan Feist on Wrapping His Head around Contemporary Music Notation

Jonathan Feist, editor in chief of Berklee Press, talks about writing his third book “Berklee Contemporary Music Notation.”


10 Songwriting Tips from Josh Ritter from the Berklee Online Live event

Josh Ritter says there is a time to write a song, and a time when you definitely should not write a song.

David Skorton talks Berklee Online and the Future of Education

Renowned educator David Skorton has played music as a hobby for nearly 60 years, so it makes sense that when he tested the waters of online education, he dipped into a music course.

Dr. Cleniece Mbeche Owino and Christine Wambui Maina Student Spotlight

Cleniece and Christine are both musical educators based in Kenya. They both chanced upon Berklee Online courses and found them so inspirational that they used the material to teach their students.

Berklee Online Graduates Reflect on Commencement, Careers, and Dreams

When Luis Rivera arrived home in Puerto Rico after last weekend’s festivities in Boston, the first thing he did was place a “Berklee Alumni” sticker on his car.

Top Guitar Songs From Berklee Online Faculty

Members of the Guitar Department at Berklee College of Music share their favorite guitar picks. No, not like the things they play their guitars with, but the songs that moved them to play guitar!

What are chord inversions? Here is one!

Guitar Chords 101: Triad Inversions Up the Fretboard

Chord inversions help to smooth out motion from chord to chord, harmonize melodies, and allow smooth bass motion. On the guitar, use of inversions allows the player to be able to play some form of a given chord virtually anywhere on the neck. Inversions are your friend!

Berklee Online Unveils Online Guitar Tuner

To celebrate its brand new first-of-its-kind Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in guitar, Berklee Online has just unveiled a brand new one-of-a-kind Online Guitar Tuner.

INFOGRAPHIC: See How Online Tuition Stacks Up

The most effective way to save money on a quality college education is to get your degree online.

Brian Funk Ableton Live Tutorial: Making Drums that Don't Sound Robotic

Berklee Online instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Brian Funk (AKA AfroDJMac) demonstrates how to make an electronic beat that feels more human.