Richard Boyatzis giving a lecture

Richard Boyatzis on Using His Intentional Change Theory to Re-Learn Guitar

One of the world’s leading scholars on emotional intelligence, behavior change, and leadership, Richard Boyatzis is putting his own research to practice while studying guitar at Berklee Online after a 60-year hiatus.


Jordan Rose drumming onstage

Jordan Rose on Drumming with Maggie Rogers, Laufey, and Jacob Collier

Berklee alum and accomplished drummer Jordan Rose takes a break from the road, touring with Maggie Rogers, to discuss his career in music, which includes drumming on Laufey’s Grammy-winning album and being in the studio with Jacob Collier. Oh, and he also reminisces about being an Advisor with Berklee Online.

Co-founders and artists of Queer Music Agency at their March 2024 launch party.

Pride Month Music Recs from the World’s First Queer Music Agency

Queer Music Agency is exactly what it sounds like: a music agency that represents solely queer artists, and it’s the only known business in the world doing this. Co-founders of the US branch, Aliya Bloom and Emily Burnett, share their business origin story and music recs from their 14 artists, including Eph See and TOMGIRL504EVER.

Freesia Denyse DJing on a rooftop

Academic Advisor by Day, DJ by Night: Freesia Denyse’s 5 Tips to Start DJing

Academic advising and DJing share the common requirements of empathy and emotional intelligence. Academic Advisor and DJ Freesia Denyse shares her five tips to start DJing.

Berklee Online graduates with their caps and gowns on at Commencement.

Berklee Online’s Class of 2024: A Testament to Tenacity

On May 11, members of Berklee Online’s class of 2024 will gather in Boston to take part in this year’s Commencement ceremony, alongside their Berklee campus peers. Read the inspiring stories of six Berklee Online graduates as they reflect on their experiences and share what’s in store for their futures.

Breanna Dickerson Headshot

Breanna Dickerson on Berklee Graduation and Entrepreneurship

Breanna Dickerson, who is a member of Berklee Online’s class of 2024, shares the lessons that she’s learned during her time in the Music Business program, which involve auditioning for America’s Got Talent, interning for Universal Music Group, and rebranding her award-winning Christian hip-hop duo, F.L.O.G.I.C.

Person's hand writing in a notebook. Guitar on lap in background.

Are You Ready for It? New Taylor Swift Songwriting Masterclass

Berklee Online instructor Scarlet Keys is leading a new Masterclass called “The Songwriting Secrets of Taylor Swift,” a two-hour session that serves as a bite-size online version of the popular course she teaches at the Berklee College of Music campus in Boston. Learn what particular Tay-Tay songwriting tricks Scarlet appreciates most.

A graphic of a circle that is half a vinyl record on top, half Earth on the bottom. The vinyl record on top is steaming and the Earth below is melting. The background is orange and red ombre with speckles.

Songs about Climate Change and the Environment

Earth Day is April 22, and now is a great time to listen to songs about climate change and the environment, to reflect on ways we can lean into our collective responsibility.

A laptop with a headphone set and notebooks lying on top of the keyboard

Berklee Online Music Courses Unlock Potential in Juvenile Justice Programs

Berklee Online has partnered with the Department of Youth Services in Massachusetts, and other juvenile justice programs across the US, to offer students the opportunity to earn college credit by taking online music courses.

A piano is shown with holiday lights sparkling on the keys and in the background.

How to Write Original Holiday Songs

’Tis the season to spice up your catalog of originals with holiday songwriting tips courtesy of songwriter Brady Rymer, Berklee Online songwriting instructors Andrea Stolpe and Jimmy Kachulis, as well as Berklee’s Joe Bennett, who helped compose what is winkingly known as “the happiest Christmas song, according to science.”