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Woman in a recording studio

How to Use FL Sampler in FL Studio

When it comes to producing contemporary music of any kind—hip-hop, EDM, or any of the many subgenres within the hip-hop or EDM world—it’s very important to know about sound design, i.e., how to create your own custom sounds. Let’s take a look at FL Sampler within FL Studio to learn how to manipulate a sample and create a unique sound.


Hispanic Heritage Month Playlist: Music to Celebrate

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 through October 15. It is a month to reflect and celebrate Hispanic culture’s influence in America. To help you get in the spirit we’ve put together a playlist of 15 Hispanic artists you need to know about.

Bethany and Blake Jourasin singing at their wedding.

Bethany and Blake Jurasin on Being Partners in Life and Music

Berklee alumni Bethany and Blake Jurasin discuss what it’s like to be married musicians, how they won their 2020 wedding, and how their musical paths led them to each other.

Vicente Avella on Exploring the ‘Physics of Light’

Musicians have explored light and darkness since, well, probably the beginning of light and darkness. Or at least since the beginning of music. But composer, pianist, and Berklee Online instructor Vicente Avella is doing something different with his new “Physics of Light” album.

Some dude studies on his laptop, as a student of Berklee Online's Live Workshops.

Berklee Online Unveils Four New Live Workshops

Berklee’s most well-regarded teachers, imparting valuable lessons in songwriting, music production, film scoring, and piano: What could be better? The new sessions begin October 19.

Sean Thomas with Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill from New Edition.

Where Are They Now? Updates from 6 Berklee Online Alumni

If there’s one thing that the vast network of Berklee Online alumni prove, it’s that success can take many different forms and manifest in many impressive career paths. We checked in with six Berklee Online alumni that we previously covered in Take Note, to see what they were doing after graduating, and how they were applying their degrees.

The countdown before a film begins shows a 5, which illustrates this article about 5 important tips for film scoring.

5 Film Scoring Concepts to Know for Your First Movie Score

When scoring a film, there are five fundamental rules that you need to follow. Berklee Online course author Sean McMahon shares what he’s learned from personal experience, scoring and orchestrating Hollywood films.

How to practice drums in an apartment: Close-up image of a drum kit

How to Practice Drums in an Apartment

Learn creative solutions for practicing drums in an apartment without annoying your neighbors. Drum mute pads, brushes, blankets, and old fashioned courtesy all come into play.

Mariah Carey

Vocal Improvisation Techniques of Famous Pop and R&B Singers

Berklee Online course author Gabrielle Goodman discusses the vocal improvisation techniques of famous pop and R&B singers, many of which she has sang with.

Laptop screen that reads "Four New Courses"

Four New Berklee Online Courses Enrolling for September 2022

Just in time for the new semester—starting September 26—Berklee Online is offering four brand new courses that will appeal to singers and pianists alike.