To celebrate its brand new first-of-its-kind Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in guitar, Berklee Online has just unveiled a brand new one-of-a-kind Online Guitar Tuner. After experiencing the shortcomings of other online guitar tuners, the accomplished musical educators who run Berklee Online consulted with the accomplished web superheroes who run The Uprising Creative to create a tuner that responds to any guitar tuning need imaginable.

Featuring 11 different tunings—these go to 11!— including standard, half step down, full step down, and every open chord tuning you’d think to use, Berklee Online’s guitar tuner features a fun quick-to-load design. The tuner loops notes of three distinct guitar tones (acoustic, electric, and a distortion sound so sick that you’ll likely find yourself playing on this web page for longer than you originally intended), and if you’re using it on your computer, the tuner features mic-enabled tuning as well.

A quick overview of the features:

  • 11 different tunings, including standard, half step down, full step down, and nearly every open chord tuning available
  • A colorful and intuitive quick-to-load design that doesn’t require Flash
  • A mic input for computer users to tune directly
  • Looped notes for smartphone users to tune by ear
  • Three distinct and original guitar tones tailored to your playing preference: acoustic, electric, or distortion