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Recording a Debut: A Crash Course in Music Production

The experience of recording my first album taught me a lot about myself and how well I work with others. It taught me to advocate for myself and be confident in my own creative decisions.


Best Practices in the Studio: Tips for Recording Vocals in Pro Tools

One of the most important skills for any self-producing songwriter to know is how to record vocals. Here are a few quick tips, with an instructional video.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship: Finding The Perfect Producer

As you are deciding which producer to work with, there are a few key things you will want to keep in mind.

Six Things I Learned While Tracking My First Record in a Professional Recording Studio

I recently spent seven days at Spirit Radio Studio in East Nashville recording an EP. And let me tell you, I learned a lot.

Hiring a Mastering Engineer

A common question I hear from students is, “Do I need to hire a mastering engineer?” The answer is, it really depends; it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Another Compression Tutorial

Most of my compression tutorials focus on recognizing what compression can sound like in your mix.

The Virtues of Virtual Tracks

Ever wish that you could do take after take in a session without having to look at the clutter of tracks piling up?