Tips for Writing Big Message Songs

There are two topics they say never to bring up with your inlaws – religion and politics. Funny enough, those same topics carry some baggage for songwriters, too, though not for the same reasons.

5 Steps to Start Writing Lyrics

If you’ve never written lyrics before, it can be overwhelming to imagine where to start. From my online students, I often hear how relieving it is to bring structure and tools into the mix

Tools for Finishing More Songs

One of the most frustrating problems we experience as songwriters is difficulty finishing songs. We might get stuck at the chorus, or maybe after the first chorus.

How to Write Songs with Groove

Some genres of music are driven largely by groove. If we are not accustomed to writing with groove in mind, it can be difficult to push our songwriting into this space.

Simple Tools for Better Melodies

A great melody always makes a song more memorable. It sounds obvious to say, but it is amazing how often we put emphasis on other elements of the song such as groove or lyric