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Atom Solid State Drive SSD by Glyph (Review)

Having a dependable hard drive for your projects is a really important part of your music production rig.


GoPro Music Video Set Up Tutorial

If you’re going to produce a home music video, you want to make it look good. Fortunately, this doesn’t require a lot of expensive cameras and lights.

Building a Beat with Sample Packs in Ableton Live

A common question I hear from aspiring music producers is, “How can I use a sample pack to quickly build a beat?”

From Demo, to Mix, to Master

Berklee Online music production instructor Erik Hawkins discusses how a song evolves from demo to mix to master.

Tour of EastWest Studios

If you ever have the opportunity to visit a major recording studio, someplace where the history of recording was written, such as Abbey Road Studios in London

EDM Production Tricks for Your Toolbox

A couple of electronic dance music (EDM) production tricks that can come in handy for all types of beat driven, electronic music styles

Home studio setup

Remix Song Structure Explained

Do remixes have a defined song structure? Yes they do, and for good reason. The object of a dance music remix is to get the song that’s been remixed played in the clubs.

A music producer remixing music in a sound studio.

How to Remix Music

Learn how to remix with Berklee Online music production instructor Erik Hawkins who discusses the history and renaissance of remixing.

Simple Sound Design Techniques in Reason

Berklee Online instructor Erik Hawkins shares techniques for easy sound design in Reason and ways to help to develop your voice as a music producer.

Proper Home Studio Setup

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best gear money can buy if your studio isn’t properly set up. I can’t tell you how many home studios I’ve seen with improperly positioned monitors