Berklee Online instructor Kevin Harris sits at his piano.

Kevin Harris Talks Jazz Piano, Pan-African Music, and the African-Influenced Method

The author of Berklee Online’s Advanced Jazz Piano course says growing up in Kentucky and singing in the church helped him develop an emphasis on teaching students that the best way to understand music is not just to study it, but to dance, clap, and sing to it.


Christos Karantais, a Voice Performance major at Berklee Online, sings during a performance.

Voice Performance Student Christos Karantais on Bringing Greek Music to the US

Christos Karantais is among the first students earning his degree in Berklee Online’s new Voice Performance program, and he says his goal is to become an ambassador of Greek music in the United States.

A man plays common chord progression on an acoustic guitar.

Common Chord Progressions and How to Make Them Your Own

Songwriting is an art form that requires creativity, imagination, and an understanding of music theory, but if we’re being honest, there’s also a degree of “fake it ‘til you make it.” And with that approach in mind, one technique you could try is to utilize classic chord progressions to write your own.

Tavi Kaye is pictured at a computer, listening to music on his headphones.

From Vinyl, CDs, MP3s, to Streaming: How I Learned to Listen with Intent

Ottavio Kaye, who is studying Contemporary Writing & Production at Berklee College of Music, shares his take on his music consumption evolution.

Hispanic Heritage Month Playlist: Music to Celebrate

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 through October 15. It is a month to reflect and celebrate Hispanic culture’s influence in America. To help you get in the spirit we’ve put together a playlist of 15 Hispanic artists you need to know about.

How to practice drums in an apartment: Close-up image of a drum kit

How to Practice Drums in an Apartment

Learn creative solutions for practicing drums in an apartment without annoying your neighbors. Drum mute pads, brushes, blankets, and old fashioned courtesy all come into play.

DAW (digital audio workstation) interface on a computer screen

What is the Best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)?

If you want to begin a career in recording music, you just need a personal computer with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Here’s a list of the different DAWs to help you pick which one is best for you.

Meet Aitor Etxebarria, Composer of Netflix’s ‘Intimidad’

A former student in Berklee Online’s Film Scoring 101 class, Aitor Etxebarria is the composer of the recently released Netflix series “Intimidad.” In this interview he discusses his creative process and his experience working in the film industry, as well as the music he made as El_Txef_A, long before he started composing for film.

Father and son playing video games

Video Game Music: A Look into the Past and Present

Take a closer look into video game music of the past, and how it has impacted the present (and might impact the future). Plus, learn how listeners are enjoying video game music outside of the gaming context.

A person looking at the #hundredtrackhive hashtag on Instagram

How to Get Started Making Electronic Music: Compose a Track a Day for 100 Days

Berklee Online course author Loudon Stearns created the #hundredtrackhive project for his class to help them get into the habit of writing a song every day for 100 days.