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PODCAST EPISODE 013: Boston Red Sox Organist Josh Kantor

Josh Kantor has been playing the organ at Fenway Park since 2003, and he hasn’t missed a single home game since.


Simple Piano Tips for Songwriters

In my experience working with singer-songwriters, a topic that often emerges is how to use simple and strong instrumental techniques to express our songs.

Basic Piano Voicing Techniques

Understanding the basics of piano voicings and the use of common tensions is a first step in creating effective orchestrations of reharmonized melodies.

Musical Notation: Imaginary Barlines

Discussions of imaginary barlines tend to get very mathematical. It’s easier to think of them in terms of clarifying syncopation. An imaginary barline is a notation convention designed to help the music reader know what’s syncopated—off the beat—and what’s not. It’s not an actual notation mark; it is an understanding and a notation convention. In […]