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8 Songwriting Tips with Shane Adams

The most important quality in songwriting is melody. In this video tutorial, Shane Adams provides songwriting strategies for making your melodies stronger.

5 Ways to Stop Writing the Same Old Song

When songwriters write with any regularity, it’s natural to reach a point where many of our songs sound similar. Here are 5 ways out of a songwriting rut!

Ben Vaughn Talks Television Scoring, Production, and Songwriting

Ben Vaughn is best known for his work on That 70s Show, but he also has extensive experience in production and songwriting.

Songwriting Inspiration: How to Become a Better Songwriter

If you’re suffering from songwriter’s block or can’t seem to find the motivation, here are some things you can do to help kickstart your creativity.

5 Songwriting Tips from Alicia Bognanno of Bully

Alicia Bognanno of Bully was a recent guest on Berklee Online LIVE, offering helpful advice for aspiring songwriters.

Jen Cloher on Songwriting and Playing Music with Partner Courtney Barnett

Jen Cloher has been releasing music to critical acclaim in Australia for more than a decade, but is only now receiving the international attention she deserves.

Death is Real: Mount Eerie and the Art of Expressing ‘Emptiness’ through Songwriting

Is there anything more relatable for a songwriter than another songwriter writing about songwriting? Phil Elverum accomplishes this to devastating effect on the latest Mount Eerie album.

10 Songwriting Tips from Josh Ritter from the Berklee Online Live event

Josh Ritter says there is a time to write a song, and a time when you definitely should not write a song.

Using Brand Names in Your Songwriting: The Creative Perspective and the Business Prospective

As a songwriter, my job is to pack three minutes with as much imagery as I can, both lyrically and musically.

Songwriting Advice from 10 Grammy-Nominated Songwriters

Beyoncé is hitting the Grammys hard this year, so we look to her (and a whole bunch of other Grammy grabbers) for advice on songwriting.