Learn Music Online with Berklee Degree  |  Certificates  |  12-Week Courses
Earn Your Master’s Degree Online from Berklee
Berklee Online has just announced its first graduate level offerings: Master of Music in Music Production and Master of Arts in Music Business.
Josh Ritter Shares 10 Songwriting Tips
During his recent Berklee Online Live: Songwriting session, the singer shared advice that ranges from writing about what you obsess about to walking away from your song.
Music is Cindy Wilson's Life
On our podcast, the B-52's singer discusses the joy and pain of living a musical life, and her brand new solo album.
A Brand New Approach to Songwriting?
Don't call it a sellout! Singing about brands in your song isn't just a good business decision, it also helps paint a more vivid lyrical picture.
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