A musician with colorful nail polish on their fingernails plays a professional keyboard rig in a live concert.

Keyboard Rigs for Live Performance: Choosing the Right Setup

Creating the perfect keyboard rig for live performances is all about matching your setup to the gig at hand, whether you’re playing a cozy club, a grand corporate event, or embarking on a nationwide tour. With the help of Adriana Balic (Berklee course author and keyboardist for P!nk), learn how to choose the right keyboard rig to ensure your performance is seamless and stress-free, no matter where you’re playing.


Richard Boyatzis giving a lecture

Richard Boyatzis on Using His Intentional Change Theory to Re-Learn Guitar

One of the world’s leading scholars on emotional intelligence, behavior change, and leadership, Richard Boyatzis is putting his own research to practice while studying guitar at Berklee Online after a 60-year hiatus.

Jordan Rose drumming onstage

Jordan Rose on Drumming with Maggie Rogers, Laufey, and Jacob Collier

Berklee alum and accomplished drummer Jordan Rose takes a break from the road, touring with Maggie Rogers, to discuss his career in music, which includes drumming on Laufey’s Grammy-winning album and being in the studio with Jacob Collier. Oh, and he also reminisces about being an Advisor with Berklee Online.

Berklee Online instructor Kevin Harris sits at his piano.

Kevin Harris Talks Jazz Piano, Pan-African Music, and the African-Influenced Method

The author of Berklee Online’s Advanced Jazz Piano course says growing up in Kentucky and singing in the church helped him develop an emphasis on teaching students that the best way to understand music is not just to study it, but to dance, clap, and sing to it.

Courtney Harrell teaches a new Masterclass for Berklee Online on August 5, 2024.

Courtney Harrell on Her Own Secret for ‘Navigating the Music Industry’

America’s Got Talent producer Courtney Harrell discusses how following something that she calls “the snap” helped guide her through the wild variety of her music career and how it informed Get Heard: Promoting Yourself & Navigating The Music Industry, her new Berklee Online masterclass.

Attendees of a nondescript sporting event sing a nondescript national anthem for a nondescript country in this stock image.

Best National Anthems—According to Berklee Online Faculty

Berklee Online instructors weigh in on which country takes the gold for best national anthem, which is important to know as you watch the Olympic Games medal ceremonies in July.

Co-founders and artists of Queer Music Agency at their March 2024 launch party.

Pride Month Music Recs from the World’s First Queer Music Agency

Queer Music Agency is exactly what it sounds like: a music agency that represents solely queer artists, and it’s the only known business in the world doing this. Co-founders of the US branch, Aliya Bloom and Emily Burnett, share their business origin story and music recs from their 14 artists, including Eph See and TOMGIRL504EVER.

A collage shows the different stages of film development, and roles of people who make films, including producer, director, writer, actor, film crew, composer, and sound mixer.

A Film Composers’ Guide to the Movie Set: Directors, Producers, Writers, and More!

In this excerpt from Berklee Online’s Film Scoring 101 you’ll get a sense of who does what on a movie set, whether it’s a director, producer, writer, or composer.

Berklee Online student Vitas Svigaris is pictured in a field, staring out into the distance.

‘Never Stop Learning’: The Busy Life of Vitas Svigaris and His Relaxing Music

Vitas Svigaris runs two companies and is on track to complete four grad degrees with Berklee Online in four years. Somehow in his busy life he has managed to produce a catalog of calming music. Here’s how he says he manages it all.

Mark Kelley of The Roots stands in front of the logo for his employer, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Roots Bassist Mark Kelley on Completing his Degree with Berklee Online 20 Years Later

Mark Kelley has a steady gig every night as bassist for The Roots on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but he was starting to feel like something was missing from his life: His college degree.