A muscular man plays a Fender Telecaster guitar, presumably delivering some hot country music licks.

Country Music Guitar Essentials: Chicken Pickin’, String Bending, and More

Mastering country music on guitar includes learning some of the same licks, tricks, and scales as other styles of guitar playing, but you also need to learn other phrases in the language of country music. Here is a quick primer.


Berklee Online Offers $5,000 Scholarship with Women in Vinyl and Marshall

Joining forces with the non-profit Women in Vinyl and famed amplifier manufacturer Marshall, Berklee Online is offering a woman-identifying student the chance to win a $5,000 scholarship to study music business.

Berklee Online Sees 78% Increase in Number of Women Students

A recent review of enrollment data has revealed that the number of women earning degrees at Berklee Online has increased by 78 percent in the past six years. Berklee Online’s enrollment trend is a glimpse into an optimistic future with more women pursuing careers in music, an industry which has traditionally been criticized as a “boys’ club,” with an unfairly higher barrier for entry for women.

Hands on a sound board in a recording studio.

Berklee Online Master’s Alumni Receive 2023 Music Production Awards

For the third consecutive year, Enrique Gonzalez Müller, director for Berklee Online’s Music Production master’s program, has teamed up with iZotope, Slate Digital, and Sweetwater Sound to recognize the production work of six outstanding alumni.

A man with a plaid shirt sits at a mic in a recording studio, presumably to record a guitar part for a song he is hoping to one day land a sync licensing deal with.

Sync Licensing Success for Songwriters

Music for advertising is much like other types of custom songwriting: if you want to win the game, you must know the rules of that game. Once I figured out what game I was actually playing, I started to have success with sync licensing.

Vinyl record featuring the progress pride flag on a turn table.

Songs for Pride Month: LGBTQIA+ Artists to Listen to Now

June is Pride Month and here are 15 LGBTQIA+ artists who you should listen to not only now, but year-round.

The tragedy and comedy masks with a red curtain backdrop.

A Brief History of Musical Theater

In this excerpt from David Valdes’ Script Analysis for Theater course, learn a brief history of musical theater as well as common structure and themes in musicals.

A professional video camera filming a concert

Cinematography Basics: Live Concerts, Music Videos, and Film

In this excerpt from Tal Lazar’s Berklee Online course Introduction to Digital Cinematography, learn about cinematography as it relates to live concerts, music videos, and film.

Berklee Online advisor and graduate Eric Zawada gives his daughter a hug on Graduation Day, 2023.

You May Know Eric Zawada as Your Advisor at Berklee Online, and/or You May Know Him as Your Classmate

Academic Advisor Eric Zawada recently became one of the few Berklee Online employees to earn their bachelor’s degree through the institution. This is his story.

‘Thinking Out Loud’ about Copyright and Ed Sheeran with E. Michael Harrington

Forensic Musicologist and Berklee Online instructor E. Michael Harrington—a witness in the “Blurred Lines” case—on why he wouldn’t testify that Ed Sheeran violated “Let’s Get It On” copyright. … He was asked twice!