Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro has redefined the world of professional video editing with its blazing performance and dynamic editing capabilities. Learn how to create compelling music videos and gain the technical skills to operate this powerful editing software. With the guidance of a Berklee instructor, learn how to:

  • Create a smooth, engaging visual and auditory experience
  • Apply and manage transition and clip effects
  • Edit content that is shot from multiple angles
  • Understand and apply basic audio mixing concepts
  • Add titles and graphics
  • Finalize a project and apply color-correction

Final Cut Pro-Specific Courses No application required.

Level 2 Level 2
Undergraduate Course
Learn all the steps and tools necessary to create a high-quality audiovisual experience and maximize the use of video, audio, and graphic content on Final Cut Pro.
  • Credit: $1,545
  • Non-Credit: $1,290

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