Master of Music

Music Production Degree

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The Master of Music in Music Production combines the most creative, innovative music production techniques with the power of DAW-based music technology tools. The program provides a rigorous training in advanced recording, mixing, and mastering, in addition to focused work on critical areas such as vocal production, audio for visual media, and business sustainability for independent producers.

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Through the program, you develop a professional framework and vocabulary for analyzing production qualities in music and learn how to leverage research into how people perceive sound to strengthen the connection between their music and listeners. You'll also gain the knowledge and skills to achieve professional, effective musical collaborations with high-quality results, often in distributed contexts, from your studio/production company. 

The program prepares you to be skillful producers in a variety of contemporary styles and formats, with a culminating experience that allows you to define your unique contribution as a music producer and/or advance the field of music production. 

By the end of the program, you will be able to: 

  • Plan and execute the design of a professional-level critical listening, recording, and music production environment  

  • Evaluate music production techniques in a variety of styles using a professional framework and vocabulary

  • Plan, lead, and deliver high-quality, expressive music production projects that maximize the emotional impact of any recording 

  • Make professional sounding recordings in any setting, from studio-grade recording environments to portable studios with minimal gear

  • Develop and apply advanced skills necessary to produce commercially-viable vocal performances for a contemporary client base

  • Exploit various income-generating opportunities for independent studio production, in addition to negotiating important contractual and financial documents required in professional production contexts to ensure the most favorable terms for business growth and sustainability

  • Explain the relationship between sound and human perception in terms of the underlying mechanisms and limitations of the hearing system and apply this information to enhance engineering and mixing projects

  • Apply advanced mixing skills that involve deep understanding of balance, EQ, dynamics, spatial effects, automation, pitch/time correction, and mixing for digital streaming services

  • Deliver high-quality, professional masters for various platforms, including vinyl, lossy codecs, and  streaming platforms

  • Apply the tools, techniques, workflows, and creative considerations necessary for producing professional audio for film, television, and related visual media

  • Undertake independent research and propose, develop, and present a culminating experience that represents your unique contribution as a music producer and/or advances the field of music production

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  1. Fill out the online application (15 minutes).
  2. Statement of Purpose: Create a 500-750 word essay, or a 3-5 minute video essay, in which you tell us about your background and why you are applying to the program, in addition to describing the project you intend to pursue in the program.
  3. Compile your résumé or CV.
  4. Portfolio: Prepare three examples of recently recorded work, along with a detailed explanation of your role in creating the work.
  5. Attach your official transcripts.
  6. Ask for two letters of recommendation.

Take self-assessment quizzes to check your readiness for the Master of Music in Music Production. (For informational purposes only, not required to apply. The fairest measurement of readiness is always best determined by yourself and an Academic Advisor.)

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Online graduate degree tuition is $33,980 for 36 credits (includes associated fees). To get started, this degree program includes a non-refundable $75 application fee.

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Note: September 2023 Semester Price Increase

In September 2023, online graduate degree tuition will increase to $34,304 for 36 credits (includes associated fees).

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