Undergraduate Degree Admissions Information

Degree Completion

If you left Berklee College of Music prior to completing your bachelor's degree, you now have new opportunities to complete your degree.

  • For students who completed fewer than 90 credits while at Berklee:
    • You may complete a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree online, earning transfer credit for your previously completed coursework.
    • Contact Senior Academic Advisor Mark Hopkins, at degreecompletion@online.berklee.edu for more information. Please include:
      • Your first and last name
      • The name you used while attending Berklee, if different than above
      • Your Berklee Student ID Number, if known
      • Your Berklee Online major of interest   (Undeclared is not an option for Degree Completion)
  • For students who completed 90 or more credits while at Berklee:
    • You may be able to complete your Berklee College of Music degree through online directed study, online courses, or a combination of both.
    • Students must have completed at least 90 credits toward the Bachelor of Music degree, with at least 60 credits having been completed on the Boston campus, and less than 10 credits remaining within the major concentrate.
    • Complete this form   to request more information about your options.