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Music Production

Music Production 101

In this beginner-level course, you will gain an understanding of the processes and tools available to the modern electronic musician. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to configure a personal production workspace and use software instruments and audio recordings to produce music.

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Academic Advisor Kevin Figueiredo talks about his choice, Music Production 101.

Pro Tools 101

Pro Tools 101 constitutes the first stage of Avid's Pro Tools certification program. Learn the foundational skills needed to understand Pro Tools technology and software. This course instructs you on recording, editing, and mixing on a basic level, and will put you on the road to becoming a Pro Tools operator from home.

Ableton Live Fundamentals

In this course you’ll learn all the fundamentals of Ableton Live, covering aspects of production, composition, synthesis, sampling, effects processing, and workflow, inside this unique software.

Performing with Ableton Live

Learn how to use Ableton Live for real-time, dynamic live performances. This course is designed for students with diverse backgrounds—from music producers, DJs, singer/songwriters, and electronic music artists to music directors, podcasters, pastors, and YouTubers.

Music Business

Music Business Trends and Strategies

Gain a forward-thinking approach to the key issues that all musicians, music industry entrepreneurs, managers, and music business professionals face in the main segments of the music industry, and how to leverage the opportunities that the new music business provides.

Concert Touring

Learn the preparations and logistics involved in developing, budgeting, and executing a successful tour, from small club dates to international stadium shows.

Music Theory, Harmony, and Ear Training

Music Theory 101

In this introductory music theory course, you'll get the musical foundation you need to take your skills to a higher level. Learn to read, write, really listen, and put music theory into practice every day!

Music Theory and Composition 1

Gain a solid understanding of music fundamentals while building your own musical language. In this course, you’ll take a detailed look at the major and minor keys, and be given tools to help you comprehend scales and chords. This course includes a blend of both traditional and contemporary harmony.

Basic Ear Training 1

This practical approach to ear training will help you build your confidence as a performer by teaching you how to notate basic rhythms and better identify the different parts of a song.

Ear Training 2

This course is not only designed to reinforce the ability to read music notation, but also the ability to recognize, imagine, remember, and notate musical sounds. Learning techniques include moveable Do solfège, conducting, counting systems, and dictation strategies. Ear Training 2 will also improve improvisation skills, musical interaction in performance, and music perception in listening.

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Course Developer Mareika McLaughlin talks about her pick, Ear Training 2.

Performance and Songwriting

Classic Rock Guitar

Elevate your playing by learning the styles and techniques of the architects of classic rock guitar: Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, Gilmour, and Page.

Rhythm and Groove Guitar

Learn the rhythmic techniques and chord tools that are the foundation of groove-based music. Expand your chord knowledge and learn to construct original rhythm guitar grooves that you can apply to a wide variety of music styles.

Guitar Ensemble Techniques

Guitar Ensemble Techniques gives guitarists the essential and practical skills to play well with others in any ensemble situation, whether it’s a big stage performance or an impromptu jam session.

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Course Developer Heath Nisbett talks about why he chose Guitar Ensemble Techniques.

Pop/Rock Keyboard

Learn to play authentic keyboard parts in a wide range of pop/rock styles, including rock 'n' roll, R&B, dance pop, classic rock, country, heartland/alt-country, and jam band.

Voice Technique 101

Make your voice sound more powerful, use vocal technique to expand your range and expression, and learn to become more confident in vocal performances.

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Sr. Manager of Frontline Admissions Monique Villalona talks about her pick, Voice Techniques 101.

Arranging 1: Rhythm Section

Essential learning for anyone interested in arranging music for a band, Arranging 1: Rhythm Section explores all aspects of writing and arranging for the rhythm section.

Songwriting: Writing Hit Songs

Learn to make the most effective settings for your melodic, harmonic, and lyrical ideas. Move your listeners and express yourself more effectively by crafting song sections and complete songs the way hit writers do.

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Academic Advisor Eric Zawada talks about why he loves Writing Hit Songs.

Music Composition for Film and TV 1

In this music composition course, you'll learn to write music in the style of big budget Hollywood films and TV programs. Analyze melody, harmony, counterpoint, tempo, rhythm, and orchestration in a variety of genres to gain a complete recipe book for writing for film and TV.

Interactive Scoring for Games

Whether you’re working on a small iPhone or Facebook game, or a large PlayStation or Xbox title, this course will teach you the fundamental music approaches and skills that professional composers use to create interactive scores for games.

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Audio for Visual Media Technologies Specialist Gabriel Ryfer Cohen talks about his pick, Interactive Scoring for Games.

Rock History

Discover the history of rock 'n' roll in more detail than you can imagine from the people that lived it. Learn about the musical and business trends in rock, major technological innovations, the prime innovators, and the historical context that has seen rock alternately flourish and struggle over the past 60 years.

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