Undergraduate Degree Admissions Information

International Students

Berklee Online offers international students from over 164 countries the opportunity to study the renowned Berklee College of Music curriculum all without having to apply for a visa or leave their home country. Our experienced International Credential Evaluation Team is here to help!

Undergraduate Course and Certificate Enrollment (level 100-400)

No application, nor academic credentials are required to enroll in an undergraduate-level course (level 100-400) or certificate.

Interested in Applying to the Undergraduate Degree Program?

If you have studied outside of the US and/or Canada, you will need to get your academic records assessed in relation to US standards.

To have your academic records evaluated by Berklee Online fill out the Initial International Credential Evaluation Form.

Ready to submit your records?
Submit Initial International Credential Review Request
For any document not issued in English, please provide a literal, word-for-word translation, in a similar format to the original. Note: the translation does not need to be official and can be self-prepared.

For additional information on other admissions requirements (such as letters of recommendations, etc), please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Requirements page.

Please note: in the event that we are unable to determine eligibility, we may refer you to submit your academic records to a NACES approved external credential evaluation agency.

*For additional guidelines on external credential evaluations, please visit our Undergraduate Admissions Policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an academic record?
An academic record or transcript is a document issued by your school, examination board, or ministry of education that includes the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your program
  • Years of study
  • Courses, exams, modules you completed
  • Scores/grades that you earned
  • Credits earned (if applicable)
What documents do I need to submit to apply to Berklee Online?
This will depend on a variety of factors, such as where you completed your studies and when. Please fill out the Initial International Credential Review Request form (linked to above) and we will assist you in determining which academic records are needed based on your education history.
I am planning on getting my academic records evaluated by ECE, do I still need to submit the credential review form?
No, you only need to submit the Initial International Credential Review Request if you want to have Berklee Online evaluate your academic records.
What's the difference between getting my academic records evaluated by an outside credential evaluation agency and having them evaluated by Berklee Online?
There may be variations in the types of documentation required; however, the biggest difference is that credential evaluation agencies will charge you a fee for the service whereas Berklee Online will evaluate your academic records free of charge.
I have completed more than 24 credits of postsecondary coursework, do I still need to submit records from my secondary studies as part of my application?
Yes, regardless of how many postsecondary credits you have earned, all students who completed their secondary studies outside of the the US or Canada are required to provide an official copy of their secondary studies academic record/transcript. For more specific guidance on what you will need to submit as part of the application process based on the credential you completed, please fill out the Initial International Credential Review Request Form linked to above.
I completed my credentials in Canada. Do I need to go through the credential review and/or evaluation process?
No, the credential review and evaluation processes are intended for degree applicants who studied outside of the US or Canada. Just make sure that any official transcript you submit as part of the application process is in English or accompanied by a certified literal English translation.
Am I considered an international student if I studied in Puerto Rico?
No, applicants from Puerto Rico are not considered international and can submit official copies of their transcripts without going through the credential review or evaluation processes. Just remember that if your transcript is not issued in English, you will need to provide a certified translation.
I attended a Berklee College of Music Global Academic Partnership Institution. What do I need to know if I am applying to Berklee Online?
If you attended an international Berklee College of Music Academic Partnership school or a Berklee Online one, you can submit an official transcript from this institution without going through the credential review or evaluation process. Please note that your transcript must be in English or accompanied by a certified translation. You will, however, need to go through the credential review and evaluation process for any secondary or any additional postsecondary studies completed outside of the US or Canada.

An important note regarding transfer credit: the Berklee College of Music Academic Partnerships are between the Berklee main campus and the external institution and ultimately do not extend to Berklee Online. Due to the differences in our curriculum, the transferable courses, credit amounts, and equivalencies will vary; however, we will honor the original transfer credit agreement wherever possible and adapt it as necessary to better align with Berklee Online programs.

Are you going to let me know if I need to provide additional documents?
Yes! We will let you know if additional documentation is needed.
I can't get a copy of my academic record, what should I do?
You may have a few different options. If you are applying to our undergraduate degree program, your best option is to either contact your ministry of education or your institution to see if you can get a certified true copy of your academic record/transcript. In instances where you are unable to obtain official or certified true copies of your academic documents, going through an NACES approved credential evaluation agency such as ECE may be recommended.
What is the next step after submitting the Initial International Credential Review Request Form?
As part of this process, our Credential Evaluation Team will let you know which official documents you will be required to submit when you apply. Once you have this information, you can move forward in filling out and/or submitting your application to the undergraduate degree program and arranging to send us official copies of the records that you were instructed to provide.
What is an official record?
An official document is one provided by an issuing authority (Ministry of Education, institution, examination board, etc.) in a sealed envelope that has been stamped or signed across the back flap by the appropriate administrator. This should be sent directly by the issuing authority to Berklee Online. Should the issuing authority give you the sealed envelope with the appropriate document inside, you can send it to Berklee Online provided you have not opened the envelope or tampered with the seal. Do NOT send original, personal copies of your documents as these will NOT be returned.
Can official documents be sent electronically?
Yes! We will consider documents as official if they are sent directly to us by the issuing authority through email or via a secure electronic delivery service. Please note that records emailed to us by the student or forwarded from the issuing institution by the student are NOT considered official. Emailed transcripts can be sent to materials@online.berklee.edu and come from an appropriate administrator using an email address affiliated with the institution. In those cases where a school or organization does not provide an official email address, please have your administrator provide a signed cover letter in English (on official letterhead, if possible) to accompany the email.
What type of translation do you need?
All translations must be literal, word-for-word, complete, and in a similar format as the original. Self-prepared translations are only acceptable for the Initial International Credential Review process. If you are applying to the degree program, you will be required to submit a certified translation, which can be completed by your institution, an embassy, or a professional translation service.
How long does it take to get my credential verified?
This should take approximately 7-10 business days, although in cases where we require you to submit additional documentation, more time may be needed.