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Music Business Law and Policy

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3 Courses (9 Credits) or $2,760 Per Course
Proof of a Bachelor's Degree Required
In this program, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how music business law and policy influence revenue streams in the music industry. You’ll learn how everyone in the industry gets paid, from musicians to managers, to entrepreneurs, and perhaps more importantly, you’ll learn how to make sure that whatever professional path you choose, you get paid. You'll also examine contracts, copyright ownership, and new revenue streams while analyzing the legal implications of these facets through in-depth industry case studies.

Course Requirements

3 Required Courses to Complete this Certificate

Music Business Revenue Streams (OMBUS-505)
Level 5 - Enrollable Course
by John Kellogg

In this course, you will evaluate and analyze how revenue is generated in the music business, examining both the history and current status of the various revenue streams and their impact on participants in the industry.

Music Business Law (OMBUS-595)
Level 5 - Enrollable Course
by Dr. E. Michael Harrington

In this course, you will analyze the most important legal issues in the contemporary music industry, including how these issues began, how they have evolved, and where they are headed. You will explore copyright law, including fair use and public domain, and how it affects sampling, interpolation, mashups, and more.

Music Business Policy (OMBUS-664)
Level 6 - Enrollable Course
by Casey Rae

Music policy determines what is possible in the evolving global marketplace for music. It is no longer enough to learn the nuts and bolts of the business; long-term sustainability also requires a working knowledge of the laws and regulations around the world. The goal of this course is to expand your knowledge base around policy and cultivate leadership to help solve persistent problems in the global music industry.

Upon Completion of this Certificate Program, You'll Receive:

  • Professional credential from the world leader in music education
  • Credits that may be eligible for transfer toward a Master's degree program
  • A physical certificate from Berklee College of Music
  • A verified, digital certificate that you can share


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