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Transfer Credits, Planning Guide, and FAQs

Berklee Online strives to accept as many applicable transfer credits into our degree program as possible. A maximum of 60 transfer credits of compatible coursework can be accepted from a regionally accredited institution outside of Berklee.*

Our music curriculum has strict learning objectives, and therefore it is typically easiest to transfer credits from courses that meet our general education requirements. However, if you are an accepted degree student or a prospective degree student who has submitted a request for an unofficial transfer assessment, all college-accredited courses will be reviewed for transfer.

An allowable transfer course must show a grade point average of “C,” 73 percent, or 2.0 or better. Transfer students are required to provide an official transcript from the accredited institution. A transcript is considered official only if it is sent directly from a college/university to Berklee Online. Transcripts can be sent to:

Berklee Online Admissions
Attn: Registrar
855 Boylston St, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02216

*Special consideration is given to students who have completed college-level course work at music institutions with national accreditation. Accreditation must be given by an accrediting agency or state approval agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education as a reliable authority as to the quality of postsecondary education within the meaning of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA).

Degree Transfer Credit Planning Guide

All music courses will be assessed for transfer on a case-by-case basis, depending on their compatibility with the Berklee Online curriculum. To help you better plan for transferring general education courses, please refer to the transfer guides below to determine the types of courses Berklee Online typically accepts for these requirements.

General Education Requirements:

CourseNumber of Credits Required*Equivalents
Composition / Writing
3 Credits:
All majors except Songwriting (requires Creative Writing)
Any composition and/or intro to writing course
Art / Humanities
9 Credits:
All Majors
Literature, Creative Writing, Poetry, Languages, Communication, Art history, Music history, Visual arts, Drama, Music appreciation, Dance, Design, ESL, Speech
3 Credits:
All majors
Any history course
Social Science
9 Credits:
Interdisciplinary Music Studies

12 Credits:
Music Business, Music Production, Music Comp For Film, TV, & Games, Electronic Music Production and Sound Design, Songwriting
Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Political science, Women’s studies, Africana studies, Latino studies, Religious Studies, Geography, Group conflict, Business management, History, Philosophy, Criminal Justice
Math / Natural & Physical Science
6 Credits:
Music Comp For Film, TV, & Games

9 Credits:
Music Production, and Electronic Music Production and Sound Design

12 Credits:
Music Business, Songwriting, Interdisciplinary Music Studies
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus, Computer Science, Accounting, Finance, Acoustics

*Please note that all credits are calculated in semester hours.

Degree Transfer FAQs

How can I find out how many of my credits will transfer to Berklee Online?

Email a copy of your transcript(s) to transfer@online.berklee.edu. Please be sure to include your name and major of interest and our Transfer Evaluation Team will respond to you promptly with an unofficial transfer evaluation. In the near future, we hope to make this information even more accessible through an unofficial transfer evaluation request form available on our website--so please stay tuned!

It is important to keep in mind that receiving an unofficial transfer assessment is not a guarantee of acceptance. Please also note that if you choose to apply to our degree program after receiving an unofficial transfer evaluation, you will still need to provide official copies of your transcripts.

What’s the difference between an unofficial and an official transcript?

An official transcript is issued directly by the school in a sealed envelope. An unofficial transcript is a copy of a transcript that has been opened or a record of your courses and grades that you printed.

I am considering transferring to Berklee Online. Which courses should I take at my current college?

We can definitely help you with that! Please refer to the information on this page. You are also welcome to contact us at transfer@online.berklee.edu, attach a copy of your transcript(s), and we can help you build an education plan at your current college to transfer over the maximum number of credits possible.

I have a lot of credits but my evaluation stated that only a few of my courses are transferrable. Why is that?

We try our hardest to award as many transfer credits as possible; however, there are many factors that determine whether or not a particular course will transfer. Here are some of the most common reasons why students do not receive credit for a course:

  • The student received a grade of “C-“ or below in the course
  • The course was taken at a college that is not regionally accredited
  • The course is not compatible with our curriculum
  • The course is a music lab, ensemble, or private music lesson
  • The student did not take the course for credit. Please note that this is often the case for most courses taken pass/fail.
  • There is not a sufficient course description available on the school’s website.
  • It is a type of course for which the student already received the maximum amount of transfer credit possible. For example, we only require 12 semester units of social science courses, so we can only award 12 semester units of transfer credit for social sciences courses.

If there are any courses that don’t match the above criteria that weren’t included in your unofficial or official transfer evaluation, please let us know. We are always glad to take a second look.

My previous college was on a quarter system. How will that affect my transfer credit?

Berklee Online is on a semester system, so any transferrable courses will be converted to semester units. It’s important to keep in mind that since quarters are shorter than semesters, quarter credits are worth about 2/3 less than semester credits.

I took my courses a long time ago; can I still receive transfer credit for them?

Yes, provided that the courses meet all of our other specifications, we will still happily award you transfer credit for them, even if they were taken over 10 years ago. This only really becomes an issue when we need a course description to verify if the course is applicable and cannot locate one.

I have taken courses at Berklee College of Music and other colleges. I was told that you can only accept 60 transfer credits told, does that include the courses I took at Berklee?

That’s a good question. The courses you took at Berklee College of Music do not count towards your 60 transfer credit limit. The 60 credit limit is solely for institutions outside of Berklee.

When will I get my official transfer evaluation?

Students who apply for and are offered admissions to the Berklee Online degree program will be emailed a copy of their official transfer evaluation within 7-10 business days after receiving their admissions decision.

I have a lot of experience in the music industry. Is there any way that I can receive credit for that?

There is! Prior Learning Credit is assessed and approved by our Prior Learning Committee. You can read more about this process on the Prior Learning Credit page.

I went to a school that is not regionally accredited. Is there any way I can get credit for these courses?

In general, we can only accept transfer credits from a school that is regionally accredited; however, we do sometimes make exceptions. These are typically made on a case-by-case basis and are at the discretion of the Dean. There are a few colleges without regional accreditation for which we can award transfer credit, due to the nature and quality of the program. These include:

  • Full Sail University
  • Musician’s Institute
  • Institute of Audio Research
I have AP and/or CLEP scores. Can I get transfer credit for them?

Potentially, though the same rules apply here as do with transfer credits from another institution: you have to have received a passing score on the test and the test subject has to be compatible with our curriculum. To determine whether or not the test you took qualifies, please refer to the charts below.

Please note that one passing score on an AP or CLEP test can only equal one 3-credit transferred course at Berklee Online.

When your test scores are sent directly to Berklee Online, please use school code 6774 for AP test scores and 6283 for CLEP test scores.

AP ExaminationMinimum Score RequiredSemester HoursBerklee Online Equivalency
Art History33History or Arts and Humanities
Biology33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Calculus AB33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Calculus BC33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Chemistry33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Chinese Language and Culture33Arts and Humanities
Comparative Government and Politics33Social Science
Computer Science A33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
English Language and Composition33Writing or Arts and Humanities
English Literature and Composition33Writing or Arts and Humanities
Environmental Science33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
European History33History or Arts and Humanities
French Language and Culture33Arts and Humanities
German Language and Culture33Arts and Humanities
Human Geography33Social Science
Italian Language and Culture33Arts and Humanities
Japanese Language and Culture33Arts and Humanities
Latin33Arts and Humanities
Macroeconomics33Social Sciences
Microeconomics33Social Science
Physics B33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Physics C: Mechanics33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Psychology33Social Science
Spanish Language33Arts and Humanities
Spanish Literature and Culture33Arts and Humanities
Statistics33Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Studio Art: 2-D Design33Arts and Humanities
Studio Art: 3-D Design33Arts and Humanities
Studio Art: Drawing33Arts and Humanities
US History33History or Social Science
United States Government and Politics33Social Science
World History33History or Social Science

CLEP ExaminationMinimum Score RequiredSemester HoursBerklee Online Equivalency
American Literature503Arts and Humanities
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature503Arts and Humanities
College Composition503Writing or Arts and Humanities
College Composition Modular503Writing or Arts and Humanities
English Literature503Arts and Humanities
Humanities503Arts and Humanities
French Language503Arts and Humanities
German Language503Arts and Humanities
Spanish Language503Arts and Humanities
American Government503Social Science
History of the US 1: Early Colonization to 1877503History or Social Science
History of the US II: 1865 to the present503History or Social Science
Human Growth Development503Social Science
Introduction to Educational Psychology503Social Science
Principles of Macroeconomics503Social Science
Principles of Microeconomics503Social Science
Introduction to Psychology503Social Science
Introduction to Sociology503Social Science
Social Sciences and History503Social Science
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648503Social Science
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present503Social Science
Biology503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Calculus503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Chemistry503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
College Algebra503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
College Mathematics503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Natural Sciences503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Precalculus503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Financial Accounting503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Information Systems and Computer Applications503Mathematics / Natural or Physical Science
Introductory Business Law503Social Science
Principles of Management503Social Science
Principles of Marketing503Social Science

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