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Grade Chart

Grade Percent Grade Point Average
A 93-100 4.0
A- 90-92 3.7
B+ 87-89 3.3
B 83-86 3.0
B- 80-82 2.7
C+ 77-79 2.3
C 73-76 2.0
C- 70-72 1.7
D 60-69 1.0
F 0-59 0.0
W Withdrew N/A
I Incomplete N/A
S Satisfactory N/A
U Unsatisfactory N/A

Students enrolled in non-credit courses will receive letter grades on assignments throughout the term. At the conclusion of the course a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory will be issued.

Grade of Incomplete (“I”)

Under limited circumstances, students may request a grade of Incomplete (“I”) from course instructors in the final two weeks of the semester. To be considered for an Incomplete, students must be passing the course at the time of the request in addition to having satisfactory attendance. The decision to grant the request rests entirely with the instructor of the course. The instructor of the course reserves the right to require an agreement with the student who seeks the Incomplete for the particular course. The agreement specifies the work to be completed and the deadline for completion.

The instructor of the course additionally retains the right to change the student’s final grade from “I” to the grade that the student had earned at the completion of the semester, at any time after the completion of the semester, including during the period prior to the submission of the remaining work for the course by the student.

Berklee recognizes that students may be presented with certain opportunities, such as work projects, music performances, vacation, or other activities. These situations do not qualify a student to receive a grade of Incomplete. It is strongly recommended that the necessary coursework be completed and submitted to the instructor as soon as possible after the completion of the semester, but it must be submitted by the end of the immediately following semester, whether or not the student is enrolled in that semester.

A grade of Incomplete that is not resolved by the last day of the following semester automatically changes to a grade of “F.” Grades of “I” are not calculated into the GPA. Students do not receive credit for courses with a grade of “I,” nor does any course with a grade of “I” count as a prerequisite for another course until the “I” is changed to a passing grade.

Failing Courses within a Certificate Program

Failed required courses must be retaken for a passing grade in order to successfully complete a certificate program. Substitutions will not be allowed for a failed required course. Full tuition must be paid for any course that needs to be retaken. Under no circumstances will a certificate be issued unless all academic requirements within a given program are met.

Failed elective courses can be retaken or replaced with an alternative elective of equivalent academic credit.

If you have any questions please contact the Berklee Online Registrar’s Office at

Repeat Course Policy

Students may enroll in and receive a grade for a course taken for a second or subsequent time. Only the highest grade will be computed in the cumulative GPA. The repetition of a course will not eliminate the previous grade from the student’s record, nor will any additional credit toward a certificate be earned by repeating a course. Additional tuition and fees will apply.

Grade Disputes

If a student feels they have been issued a grade that does not accurately reflect their performance in their course they should first reach out to their instructor to discuss their concerns.

If they are unable to resolve their issue with the instructor the student should send a written appeal to the Berklee Online Registrar’s Office to dispute the grade. The appeal should include the name of the course, the instructor, as well as a detailed reason they feel their grade is incorrect. This can be emailed to

The appeal must be received prior to the end of the following term to be considered. Any appeal received after this time will not be eligible for review.