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Substituting Required Courses in a Certificate Program

Students may be allowed to make substitutions in a certificate program, as follows:

  • Professional certificate programs: one substitution allowed
  • Advanced Professional certificate programs: up to two substitutions allowed

The substitutions must not compromise the academic integrity of the program. The substituted course(s) cannot be worth fewer credits than the original requirements.

Requests to substitute a required course(s) must be in writing and sent to the Academic Advisors, who will review and either approve the desired change or make alternate suggestions of approved courses.

Requests can be sent to

The request must include the following:

  • Program in which the student is enrolled
  • The name of the required course and the name of the course that would be used as a substitution
  • The reason for the substitution

A request can also be faxed to 617.747.2149 or mailed to:

Berklee College of Music
1140 Boylston Street
MS-855 BM
Boston, MA 02215
Attention: Advising

Students will be charged the tuition price that exists for the course(s) when the substitution is made. The student will be responsible for paying any additional tuition amounts that may be due.