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General School Information

Transfer Policies

Skip Term Policy

Students who wish to skip a term in their certificate program need to contact admissions at 617.747.2146 (option 1) or by email at Students must specify the term they will be returning to their coursework. Students who are unsure when they can return to their coursework can request to be marked inactive.

Please note that students who skip four or more consecutive terms will become inactive. Please visit the Inactive Status page for more information.

Course Change Policy

Student may request to transfer their enrollment to an alternate course (provided there is room in the course of choice) through Friday of the second week of the term. After this time, a student cannot change into an alternate course for the current term. To request a course change, students should send an email to

Course Transfers

Students enrolled in a certificate program course as well as an individual course for credit or non-credit can request to transfer their course to a future term. Requests must be in writing to and received by Friday of the second week of the term.

Transferring from Non-Credit to Credit Status Within a Course

Students can request to change their enrollment from non-credit status to for-credit and vice versa during the first two weeks of the term. To do so, please send a request in writing to the Berklee Online Registrar’s Office at Requests must be received by 12:00 p.m. EST on the Friday of week two of the term. After this time, a student will not be able to change from non-credit status to credit status or change from credit to non-credit status.

Transferring from One Certificate Program to a Different Certificate Program Prior to Completion

If a student finds that the certificate program they are enrolled in is not the right one for them, the student can transfer to another certificate program. To do so, send an email to for approval. Students may transfer any successfully completed courses that are required in the new certificate program. The tuition difference, if applicable, must be paid prior to taking the first course in the new certificate program. This applies to students who have selected to pay the full amount of their program up front. Students who change their program will be charged tuition prices in effect at the time of the program change.

If the new program has fewer requirements, any tuition paid for future courses that are no longer required will be refunded back to the student.

Upgrading to a Higher Level Certificate Program

Students who wish to upgrade from a lower-level certificate program to a higher-level certificate program (i.e., upgrading from a Professional certificate program to an Advanced Professional certificate program) can do so at any time by sending a request in writing to Students who upgrade prior to officially completing their original program will only receive the higher-level certificate. In this instance, a student will not be charged an additional registration fee.

Students who wish to upgrade after having officially completed their original program will be required to pay the $175 registration and technology fee for the higher level program. The student will need to request to have any completed courses waived into the new program. Students may do so by sending an email to Please click here for more information on waiving previously completed courses into a program. In this instance the student, will retain the original certificate and will receive the higher level certificate upon successful completion of all requirements.

Tuition Policy

Berklee Online reserves the right to raise tuition prices at any time. Should a student wish to transfer their enrollment, change their program or make other schedule changes after a tuition increase, they may be responsible for additional tuition. Please contact the Berklee Online Registrar’s Office prior to requesting a change to determine what, if any, addition tuition may be due.

Transferring Non-Berklee Online Credits into Berklee Online

Credits taken at other institutions cannot be transferred into any of the certificate programs currently offered at Berklee Online.

Transferring Berklee Online Credits to Another Institution

For information regarding transferring Berklee Online credits to other institutions, please visit the Berklee Credit Transfer Policy page.