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Advanced Professional Certificate

Electronic Music Production and Sound Design

Next semester
starts April 1



9 Courses (27 Credits) or $1,523 Per Course
Only $12,334.50 when paid all at once

Your computer opens up a universe of recorded sound, but without educating yourself on the latest tools, you might wind up left in the digital dust. Fortunately, this program demystifies topics central to electronic music production and sound design, such as setting up your home recording studio, sampling, digital signal processing, synthesis, MIDI sequencing, mixing, and more. Whether you are a performing electronic musician with recording experience or a newcomer looking to fill in gaps in your knowledge, this program meets you where you are and helps you raise your game to the next level.

Course Requirements

9 Courses to Complete this Certificate (6 Required, plus 3 Electives)

6 Required Courses

Music Production Fundamentals (OLMSC-101)
Michael Bierylo David Mash
Level 1 Course
by Michael Bierylo and David Mash

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to configure a personal production workspace and use software instruments and audio recordings to produce music.

Producing Music with Logic (OMPRD-273)
Jeff Baust David Doms
Level 2 Course
by Jeff Baust and David Doms

Strengthen your technical understanding of the Logic music software and heighten your overall creative abilities in production.

Sound Design for the Electronic Musician (OMPRD-202)
Michael Bierylo David Mash
Level 2 Course
by Michael Bierylo and David Mash

Learn to create your own unique electronic sounds and musical productions using Reason and Vital.

Mixing and Mastering for the Electronic Musician (OMPRD-382)
Jeff Baust
Level 3 Course
by Jeff Baust

Learn the tools and techniques involved in mixing and mastering for electronic productions, including EQ, dynamics processing, reverb, delays, and more.

Composing and Producing Electronic Music 1 (OCWPR-397)
Loudon Stearns
Level 3 Course
by Loudon Stearns

Learn to create electronic music in a variety of styles such as drum and bass, glitch, dub, trance, downtempo, house, and techno.

Composing and Producing Electronic Music 2 (OCWPR-398)
Loudon Stearns
Level 3 Course
by Loudon Stearns

Building on Contemporary Techniques in Music Composition 1, gain the skills to identify, appreciate, and utilize new musical styles and techniques.

Upon Completion of this Certificate Program, You'll Receive:

  • Professional credential from the world leader in music education
  • Credits that may be eligible for transfer toward a Bachelor's degree program
  • A physical certificate from Berklee College of Music
  • A verified, digital certificate that you can share


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