Touring 101


Authored by Bruce Houghton


Course Code: OMBUS-250

Next semester starts September 23

12 Weeks

Level 2

Level 2

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With income related to live performances accounting for 60-80 percent of most artists’ income, never has it been more important for musicians to build and sustain a touring career. This course is designed to teach you how to do just that.

Beginning with your earliest gigs through your first national tour, you'll learn how to create a memorable live performance; book, negotiate, and market only the right shows; capture a loyal fan base; and build the kind of success story that helps expand your entire career.

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By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Outline the history and importance of performing live, and put that knowledge to work, building a career in music
  • Create the building blocks of a successful live performance career, including online and offline branding, creating a memorable live show, and structuring a band and a business that supports it
  • Find, negotiate, contract, and perform the right gigs
  • Market each show and build a community of loyal and supportive fans
  • Move beyond the home market to tour regionally, nationally, and internationally
  • Secure a booking agent and team that is dedicated to your success
  • Protect your financial, mental, and physical well-being throughout the journey
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Lesson 1: An Introduction to Grassroots Touring

  • A Brief History of Modern Touring: The 1950s
  • A Brief History of Modern Touring: The 1960s and '70s
  • A Brief History of Modern Touring: The 1980s and '90s
  • The Importance of Touring in the Modern Music Industry
  • The Ability to Generate Income
  • Learn the Language of Touring: Key Touring Industry Players
  • Learn the Language of Touring: Types of Live Performances
  • Learn the Language of Touring: The Deal
  • Learn the Language of Touring: Miscellaneous
  • Modern Grassroots Touring
  • Attracting Your Team
  • Assignment 1: To Dream the Obtainable Dream

Lesson 2: Everyone Starts Somewhere—Be Prepared for Success

  • Meet the Band
  • Be Ready for Success
  • Self-Assessment: What is Your Brand?
  • Brand and Marketing Building Blocks
  • The Written Parts of Your Press Kit
  • Go Online: Website and Email
  • Go Online: Social Media and Streaming Profiles
  • Assignment 2: Build Your Foundational Brand Elements

Lesson 3: Get Ready to Play

  • The Beatles and the Importance of Smart Practice
  • The No. 1 Predictor of Success
  • Develop a Show
  • Get Organized
  • Your Team
  • Book a Pre-Show
  • Assignment 3: Create a Plan

Lesson 4: Booking Basics

  • Why?
  • How to Identify the Right Gigs
  • Selling
  • Getting Started
  • Persistence Pays
  • Closing the Deal
  • Everything Is Negotiable
  • Contract Basics
  • Setting and Exceeding Expectations
  • Assignment 4: Research Two Venues

Lesson 5: Growing an Audience

  • Gig and Venue Types
  • Performing Where There’s Already an Audience
  • Finding the Right Opportunities
  • Unusual Venues
  • Non-Traditional Performance Opportunities
  • Live from Your Basement to the World
  • The Importance of Capturing Fan Data
  • Text Campaigns and Social Media
  • Assignment 5: Build Your Audience

Lesson 6: Build Your Live Music Business

  • What Is a Great Gig?
  • Performing Too Little or Too Much
  • The Underplay
  • Measure Success as a Live Musician
  • Keep a Record
  • Audience Reaction and More Data
  • Refine Your Pitch to Tell Your Unique Touring Success Story
  • Touring Pitching Examples
  • The Pros Speak
  • Fans First
  • Assignment 6: Write Your Own Live Pitch

Lesson 7: Time to Hit the Road

  • Set Your Touring Goals
  • Why Are You Touring?
  • Hub and Spokes Touring
  • Slow Touring
  • Straight-Line Touring and Chasing Interest
  • Routed Touring
  • Combining Strategies
  • How to Find the Right Venues to Play
  • International Touring
  • More Approaches to Booking Overseas
  • Choose Your Targets Carefully
  • Assignment 7: Route Your Tour

Lesson 8: Making Money on Tour

  • The Deal
  • Win/Win and Hidden Charges
  • VIP and Fan Experiences
  • Free and Affordable VIP and Fan Experiences
  • Merchandise
  • The Merch Table
  • Performance Royalties
  • Sponsorships
  • Tour Expenses
  • Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Tour
  • Assignment 8: Three-Day Tour

Lesson 9: Marketing Your Gigs and Tours

  • Take Control of Your Own Marketing
  • Start Strong
  • Tour Marketing on Spotify, Pandora, and Other Streaming Services
  • Make Every Show an Event
  • Examples of Making Every Show an Event
  • Tour Marketing on Social Media
  • Video Tour Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok
  • Digital Posters and Social Media Graphics
  • Universal Truths of Social Media
  • Old School Marketing
  • Effective, Low-Cost Advertising
  • Bandsintown, Spotify, and More
  • Assignment 9: Write a Marketing Plan

Lesson 10: Building a Smart and Compassionate Touring Business

  • Strategies for Improved Band Relations
  • Divide and Delegate
  • A Partnership Agreement
  • Improve Communications
  • Tools, Apps, and Services for Touring Artists
  • Better Data Means Better Touring Decisions
  • Taking Care of You: Health and Wellness for Musicians
  • Gender Minorities in the Music Industry
  • Education, Prevention, and Working to Stay Healthy
  • Assignment 10: Artist Online Fan Engagement

Lesson 11: Find and Secure a Booking Agent

  • What Does a Booking Agent Do?
  • What Does an Agent Not Do?
  • What Does a Booking Agent Look for in an Artist?
  • A Word from the Experts
  • What Should an Artist Look for in a Booking Agent?
  • Structural and Business Issues
  • How Does an Artist Find the Right Agent?
  • Solomon Burke and the Winding Road to Success
  • How to Work Effectively with your Booking Agent
  • Assignment 11: Research Booking Agents

Lesson 12: Planning Your Tour

  • Find Your Niche and Build from There
  • Maggie Rogers
  • Make Every Show an Event
  • Every Show Is a New Opportunity
  • Go Wide
  • Build Your Touring Business Your Own Way
  • It Won't Be Easy, But It Is Possible
  • One More Thing about Luck
  • Why Are You Launching This Tour?
  • Assignment 12: Map Out a Proposed Tour


Prerequisites and Course-Specific Requirements 

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  • No textbooks required

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  • Broadband Internet connection


Bruce Houghton

Author & Instructor

Bruce Houghton is founder and president of Skyline Artists Agency, representing a diverse roster of national and international touring talent including Zoe Keating, Darlingside, Poco, Freddie McGregor, Roger McGuinn, and many others. A sought-after industry expert and speaker, he has served on the Advisory Boards of Midem and SXSW Accelerator, is a graduate of the prestigious Leadership Music program, and serves as a senior advisor to Bandsintown. His top-ranked sites Hypebot and MusicThinkTank cover the new music industry and the way that technology is changing how music is created, marketed, consumed, and monetized.


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