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International Student Information

Various forms of financial aid, grants, and scholarships are available for international students. Some possible financial resources that are specific to international students are listed below:

  • Your own government may have financial aid available. Contact your embassy or ministry of education for more information.
  • There may also be private organizations in your home country that will sponsor you or provide other support.
  • International Scholarships is an outside scholarship search engine
  • EduPASS is an organization that provides financial aid information for international students.
  • Education USA provides suggestions for ways to help finance your studies.
  • The International Education Financial Aid is a resource for financial aid, scholarships, and grant information for international students.
  • Elm Select site provides a lender comparison tool. (Please note that student loans may require a U.S. cosigner.)

Government of Canada Student Aid

Students may be eligible to use grants or loans from their provincial or territorial student aid office towards their Berklee Online enrollment. These funds are disbursed directly to the student and the student will need to pay the tuition in full before the start of a semester to access their course. A list of grants or loans that may be available can be found on the The Government of Canada site.

Program eligibility and confirmation of enrollment forms can be submitted to Please note: enrollment is confirmed on a semester basis unless the student has paid in full for their certificate program.

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