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Creative Writing for Musicians

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Much like music, creative writing is all about expressing yourself in a way that helps you and others understand or find meaning in our world. In this program, you’ll add tools to your communicative kit that are applicable to writing of all kinds, be it songwriting, poetry, or prose in formats such as nonfiction, fiction, theater, music criticism, or biography. Learn from the study of literary masters as you develop your craft in order to find your own unique voice, and receive feedback on your work that will enable you to take your lyrics or other creative writing to the next level.

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3 Required Courses to Complete this Certificate

Creative Writing: Literature Studies for Musicians

Strengthen your writing skills and creative expression by exploring and learning from the works of musician-writers and those for whom music has had a profound influence.

Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice

Learn to write clearly and strongly in your own unique voice, bringing your full self to your writing process every time you write.

Creative Writing: Poetry

Learn to craft and control your writing, enhance your ideas, and write better lyrics through the study of poetry.


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