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School Info, Enrollment & Policies

General School Information

Academic Policies

Online Degrees

You can review the policies related to our online degree program here.

Online Courses and Certificate Programs

The links to the left outline the major academic policies for Berklee Online. Students should become familiar with the information contained in each of the following sections.

By enrolling, students accept responsibility for reading, understanding, and conforming to all Berklee Online policies, procedures, and dates.

Change of Address

All students must have a current mailing address on file with Berklee Online. Important documentation is regularly sent out via mail, with documents including:

  • 1098-T federal tax forms
  • Letters regarding enrollment status
  • Refunds
  • Letters of completion
  • Certificates
  • Other important information

Students can update their address and contact information by logging into Berklee Online and selecting My Account. Within this page students, can update their contact information including, mailing addresses.

For 1098-T federal tax form information, please log into Berklee Online and follow the link on the right hand side called Tax Information. On this page you will be able to provide your Social Security Number (SSN) as well as find additional information regarding this process.

Methods of Communication—Email

Email is the official method of communication regarding important deadlines, events, administrative business required for student enrollment, announcements, changes to existing courses and programs, and other updates. Students enrolled with Berklee Online must be opted in to receive all email communications.

Grievance Policy

Situations sometimes arise in which particular circumstances surrounding a policy decision require special consideration, or students have a complaint about the behavior or performance of a faculty or staff member.

As a general rule, students should address their concerns about a policy decision or a faculty member directly with the Online Registrar. An unresolved complaint about the behavior/performance of a staff member may be brought to the attention of the person’s immediate supervisor.

If the complaint remains unresolved, the student may continue to appeal to a higher level of authority, within the appropriate area, up to the vice president of the area.

If online students residing in another state wish to file a formal complaint with their home state authorizing agency after exhausting internal avenues, they may do so using the contact information listed here.

Incarcerated Students

You may not participate in Berklee Online courses if you (1) are an adult presently incarcerated as a result of conviction of a crime(s); (2) have previously been incarcerated as an adult as a result of conviction of a crime(s) unless the incarceration was the result of a first conviction for any of the following misdemeanors: drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, minor traffic violations, affray or disturbing the peace; or (3) have been convicted of any crime within the past five years.