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Berklee Online is the online extension school of Berklee College of Music, delivering access to Berklee’s acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world. Berklee Online's award-winning online courses, multi-course certificate programs, and Bachelor of Professional Studies degree are accredited and taught by the college's world-renowned faculty, providing lifelong learning opportunities to people interested in music and working in the music industry.


GreenNote was created to help students achieve their higher education dreams by empowering social networks for financial support to bridge the gaps not covered by traditional lending methods. Using the GreenNote online platform, students connect with their social network – friends, family, friends of family, community leaders and others – to ask for financial support. In many cases this tends to come in the form of micro-donations but as traditional sources continue to diminish larger donations are becoming more common.

Program Details:

  • Using GreenNote’s online platform, students can connect with their social networks to obtain donations from friends, family and their community.
  • Prospective students fill out their online profile describing themselves and providing insight into their academic and career goals. Then, they ask potential donors to pledge as much as they wish. GreenNote helps facilitate the process and does not collect a commission or fee from each donation
  • There is no minimum amount. Every dollar counts.
  • You can fund the entire cost of your education if needed.
  • There are no hidden charges. Your one time membership fee entitles you to unlimited donation for a full year.
  • All donations are delivered directly to your PayPal account which allows you to access them at your convenience

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