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Other Payment Options


Berklee Online accepts payment via PayPal. When making a payment, you will have the option to select the payment method Pay with PayPal.

eGift Cards

Berklee Online accepts eGift cards purchased online via GiftUp. eGift cards can only be applied towards eligible course and certificate program offerings. Further information regarding the use of eGift cards can be found within our Terms and Conditions.

Tuition Assistance

Berklee Online accepts various forms of Tuition Assistance including Employer Tuition Assistance, Military Tuition Assistance, and Purchase Orders.

Financial Aid

Berklee Online accepts payments from private educational lenders and outside scholarship organizations. For more information, please visit our Financial Aid pages.

More information about Berklee Online certificate program and individual course tuition and payment policies can be found on our Tuition and Fees pages.

529 Plan Information

Many states and financial services institutions offer 529 savings programs for families to save money for a student’s college education. Each entity has separate rules and regulations governing how funds may be used and how funds are sent. Always check with your 529 plan administrator to determine how and when to request the release of funds, as well as what documents, such as an electronic copy of the student’s bill, are needed.

To ensure that the funds are directed to the correct student account, all 529 plan payments and correspondence should include the student’s full name and Student ID number. Once your 529 plan payment has been initiated, please forward the payment confirmation details to

If your 529 plan sends funds via wire transfer, please contact for additional instructions. If your 529 plan mails check payments, please provide them with the address below:

Berklee College of Music
1140 Boylston Street
MS-921 OSA
Boston, MA 02215

Sponsor Payments

If a parent or sponsor without access to your account wants to make a credit card or electronic check payment on your behalf, please have them visit this page. Payments made through that page will be posted to your account on the following business day.

If your parent or sponsor prefers to make payment via bank transfer, please direct them to our wire transfer page for more information.

If someone is submitting a payment on your behalf, please ensure that they have the name on your student record, your student ID number, and the amount due.

If you have questions regarding payment options, please contact, 1-866-BERKLEE ext 5, or 1-617-747-2146 ext 5 from outside the US. We are available Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST.

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