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Professional Certificate

Guitar Styles

Next semester
starts June 24



4 Courses (12 Credits) or $1,545 Per Course
Only $5,562.00 when paid all at once
New! Now with expanded course options!
Based on your feedback, and our commitment to offering the strongest, broadest course choices, you can now tailor your learning experience to your interests, while earning the same prestigious credential! Check out the more expanded course options below.

You’ve already mastered basic guitar skills like chords and scales, and now it’s time to choose your own adventure in guitar styles. In this Professional Certificate Program you can explore courses in guitar-based genres as wide-ranging as the notes on your fretboard, from the intricate finger-picking of Acoustic Guitar Techniques to the blistering solos of Metal Guitar, you can tailor your learning experience to suit your musical passions. Few accomplished guitarists have reached their peak alone, and Berklee’s guitar faculty is unparalleled when it comes to delivering the personalized instruction and feedback that will help you turn your guitar into a playground packed with unlimited possibilities.

Course Requirements

4 Courses to Complete this Certificate

Choose Any 4 Courses from These Guitar Styles Courses

  • Acoustic Blues Guitar (OGUIT-351 • Level 3 Course)

    Explore acoustic blues guitar, from fingerpicking melodies to soloing over independent bass patterns, to performing in the acoustic bottleneck slide style.

  • Acoustic Guitar Techniques (OGUIT-350 • Level 3 Course)

    Strengthen your rhythmic strumming, use of alternate tunings, and fingerstyle playing, and improve your fluency, tone, dynamics, and control.

  • Advanced Blues Guitar (OGUIT-352 • Level 3 Course)

    Learn how to play rhythm guitar parts and solos over a variety of blues progressions, grooves, and tempos in styles such as shuffles, funky blues, soul, and more.

  • Blues Guitar (OGUIT-222 • Level 2 Course)

    Learn the techniques and licks of blues legends such as T-Bone Walker, Lightning Hopkins, B.B. King, and more to explore the form, feel, and harmony that will help to bring a blues sound to your playing.

  • Classic Rock Guitar (OGUIT-225 • Level 2 Course)

    Elevate your playing by learning the styles and techniques of the architects of classic rock guitar: Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, Gilmour, and Page.

  • Classical Guitar 101 (OGUIT-210 • Level 2 Course)

    Gain a foundational, working repertoire for classical guitar and learn techniques including tremolo, rasgueado, slurs, and percussion effects.

  • Country Guitar (OGUIT-228 • Level 2 Course)

    In Country Guitar you will learn how to play guitar in the country music style. The course begins with the basic tools and techniques that are essential for any country guitar player and gradually gets more complex as we work through the various sub-genres of country music, including western swing, fingerstyle, truck-drivin’ songs, and modern pop/rock country. The course covers techniques for developing, practicing, and performing melody lines, various country style rhythms, soloing, and improvisation, as well as playing melodies and bass lines while simultaneously playing through chord progressions.

  • Funk/Rock and R&B Guitar Soloing (OGUIT-328 • Level 3 Course)

    Learn the appropriate scales, the best use of effects, and the rhythmic and melodic timing to create an authentic funk-based solo and sound.

  • Guitar Ensemble Techniques (OGUIT-460 • Level 4 Course)

    Explore the many creative and technical considerations you need to know to mix music in today’s production environment.

  • Jazz Guitar 101 (OGUIT-327 • Level 3 Course)

    Study the styles of some of the most influential jazz guitarists, and learn the basics behind language, building melodic tension, and improvisation techniques.

  • Jazz Guitar 201: Advanced Jazz Guitar Improvisation (OGUIT-427 • Level 4 Course)

    Develop your jazz guitar performance skills by learning advanced techniques to improvise over chord changes, both in traditional standards and modern harmony.

  • Metal Guitar (OGUIT-227 • Level 2 Course)

    Master solos and rhythm parts in the metal/progressive rock style by learning scales, shapes, and theory on the guitar fretboard.

  • Rhythm and Groove Guitar (OGUIT-226 • Level 2 Course)

    Expand your chord knowledge and learn to construct original rhythm guitar grooves that you can apply to a wide variety of music styles.

  • Solo Guitar: Performance, Accompaniment, and Arranging (OGUIT-340 • Level 3 Course)

    Learn harmony as it relates to the guitar fretboard, rhythm as it relates to different musical grooves, and improv concepts to build a solo guitar piece.

  • Steve Vai Guitar Techniques (OGUIT-415 • Level 4 Course)

    Gain a deep understanding and command of the playing styles, repertoire, techniques, and musical concepts of guitar legend and Berklee alum Steve Vai.

Upon Completion of this Certificate Program, You'll Receive:

  • Professional credential from the world leader in music education
  • Credits that may be eligible for transfer toward a Bachelor's degree program
  • A physical certificate from Berklee College of Music
  • A verified, digital certificate that you can share


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