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School Info, Enrollment & Policies

Graduate Academic Policies

Change Name or Mailing Address

Students looking to change the name that appears on their Berklee Online record must complete the . Please note:

  • For legal name changes, documentation (marriage certificate, court documents, license, social security card, etc.) is required in order to update your name of record.
  • Preferred name changes do not require documentation and will only update a student’s name within their course(s) and communication with Berklee Online.

All students must have a current mailing address on file with Berklee Online. Important documentation is regularly sent out via mail, with documents including:

  • 1098-T federal tax forms
  • Letters regarding enrollment status
  • Refunds
  • Certificates
  • Other important information

Students wishing to update their mailing address will need to complete the .

Change of Major

Student’s pursuing a graduate degree program through Berklee Online who wish to change their major are required to reapply for admissions under the new program major. While students will not be required to resubmit transcripts, letters of recommendation or their resume/CV, they may be required to submit a new portfolio that corresponds to the new program they wish to pursue. Questions on this process can be directed to an advisor at

Course Participation

Prompt and regular online participation is required to complete all Berklee Online courses successfully. The weekly lessons are cumulative; therefore, it is imperative that students stay current with their coursework and assignments. In addition, student-to-student communication and collaboration are essential elements to the overall Berklee Online educational experience, and students who fall behind in their course work not only miss out on the cumulative curriculum but the community aspect of their courses as well.

Students should begin their course(s) promptly when the semester begins. All students are required to post within their course by the end of week 2 of the semester regardless of when they began the course. Failure to do so will result in removal from the semester. Once a student has been removed from courses they cannot be added back.

If students plan to be away from their courses, they should inform their instructors via a private message and/or e-mail as well as contact the Student Success department at, and make every effort to continue working on the courses while away. If this is not possible, they should make a plan with their instructors to catch up upon returning. Note that failure to submit required work in courses in a given semester for two weeks or more will result in an administrative withdrawal for the semester (see Administrative Withdrawal Due to Non-Participation for more information).

Submitting required work in a course late may result in grade penalties. It is important that students review the grading information provided by their instructor. Students should contact their instructors as soon as possible if they plan to be late to determine what, if any, arrangements can be made for the specific situation. Instructors may issue a failing grade for failure to submit required work in a course. The grade of “F” will be recorded for failure to complete or properly withdraw from courses.

Early Release of Lessons

Under limited circumstances, students may be able to access next week’s lesson. Requests for access will be reviewed by the academic policy team. Students should complete and submit the Early Release Form.

Dean’s List

Students averaging honor grades for any given semester are placed on the Dean’s List and receive a letter from the Dean confirming their accomplishment. Specific criteria for inclusion on the list are as follows:

  • Students must earn at least 6 credits in the semester in question and achieve a grade point average of 3.80 or above.
  • No grade may be of Incomplete (“I”) or Withdrawal (“W”) in the semester in question.
  • The Dean’s List is calculated based on a deadline of all grades received by the end of the second week of classes in the following semester. Students should be aware that any work intended to satisfy a grade change for the purposes of making the Dean’s List must be submitted to their instructors for review well in advance of the deadline for the Dean’s List.

    Students may access their Dean’s List letters on their MyHome page.

    Disability Accommodations

    Berklee Online is committed to creating usable, equitable, and inclusive learning environments while providing equal educational opportunity and full participation for students with disabilities outlined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

    Students with disabilities who desire to access accommodations shall initiate their request by completing the Disability Accommodation Request Form before or during the first week of the course. The manager must approve all accommodation requests. Berklee Online Accommodations will provide appropriate academic adjustments on a case-by-case basis and will not necessarily incorporate all requested academic adjustments/ services. The eligibility determination process is not a same-day process. Therefore, it is recommended that appropriate documentation be submitted well in advance of any accommodation-related need(s). Reasonable accommodations will be reviewed continually through the beginning of week 10 of the semester; any accommodation request that is submitted after the deadline will be reviewed and processed for the following semester.

    Please note, accommodations on file with the campus are not transferred to Berklee Online. Campus students will need to complete the Berklee Online disability accommodation process.

    Course accommodations cannot be retroactive and begin only after documentation is received and a reasonable time for accommodation has been allowed. Students are highly encouraged to contact instructors to facilitate the implementation of the identified accommodation.

    The manager of Berklee Online Accommodations oversees the provision of services to students with disabilities. The student is responsible for submitting all supporting documentation to Berklee Online Accommodations, outlining the specific needs and course accommodations.

    Typical accommodations and services include but are not limited to:

    • extended time on course assignments and exams
    • flexibility with attendance
    • ability to view all course content

    Please note that Berklee Online does not provide student tutoring services or student assistance programs. All Berklee Online courses will have the course content written down ahead of time, and access to notes and written materials are all provided in our learning system. In addition, all courses are designed to support text-to-speech software. Videos also have a text option available for students, and all videos are automatically archived.

    Students who receive a time extension accommodation are responsible for all coursework and do not have blanket permission to extend timelines on all assignments. In addition, students who receive a time extension accommodation are not automatically granted an incomplete grade. Please refer to the incomplete grade policy below.

    This accommodation is not intended to cover the following:

    • Unlimited acceptance of late work.
    • Agreed upon extensions should be specific and limited to a specific amount of time.
    • Retroactive requests.
    • Providing an accommodation letter does not reverse any previously missed deadlines.
    • Failure to follow agreed-upon plans or alternate timelines.

    To declare a disability, you must provide relevant documentation of the disability and list the course(s) for which you are requesting accommodations. Please complete the Disability Accommodation Request Form here before or during the first week of the course, so that we may assist you.

    All student communication is done through email. Students can contact the Disability Accommodations team at

    Berklee Online Accommodations is committed to ensuring that all information regarding a student remains confidential. Information provided to faculty states that the student is a qualified individual with a disability according to the American with Disabilities Act. Specific information regarding the type of disability will not be shared with faculty.

    Financial Aid and Part-Time Student Status

    Financial aid is available on a prorated basis to students who are enrolled part-time at Berklee Online. The amount of aid for which students are eligible is impacted by the number of credits for which they enroll. All part-time students must continue to make satisfactory academic progress to be considered for financial aid funding. Most federal grants and loans require students to be enrolled in six or more credits in order to continue receiving prorated funding. Students enrolled in fewer than six credits are likely to enter their grace period and/or begin loan repayment.

    Full-Time/Part-Time Status

    • Full Time = 6 or 9 credits
    • Half Time = 3 credits


    Academic standing and eligibility for a degree are determined by the quality of course work. To determine academic standing, the college uses a point system, each qualitative grade having an equivalent numerical value.

    Grading System

    Letter Grade Equivalent Numerical Value
    A 4.00
    A- 3.70
    B+ 3.30
    B 3.00
    B- 2.70
    C+ 2.30
    C 2.00
    C- 1.70
    D 1.00
    F 0.00
    W – Withdrew 0.00
    I – Incomplete 0.00

    Note: Berklee Online does not rank its students.

    Students accepted for the Fall 2019 semester or later are required to earn a grade of B- or higher in each course. Any course with a grade of C+ or lower will not count towards their degree program and will need to be repeated.

    Repeat Course Policy

    Students may enroll in and receive a grade for a course taken for a second or subsequent time. Only the highest grade will be computed in the cumulative GPA. The repetition of a course will not eliminate the previous grade from the student’s record, nor will any additional credit toward a degree be earned by repeating a course.

    Students repeating a course are not permitted to submit the same work for credit that was submitted in a previous course. Submitting the same work in multiple courses is considered self-plagiarism and could result in a violation of the code of community standards.

    Additional tuition and fees will apply for all repeated courses.

    Grade Disputes

    The student transcript is the college’s official record of the courses that each student takes and the course grades received while at Berklee Online. To ensure accuracy, students and alumni have online access to view their transcripts.

    If a student feels they have been issued a grade that does not accurately reflect their performance in a course, they should first reach out to their instructor to discuss their concerns. If they are unable to resolve their issue with the instructor, the student should submit the Berklee Online Policy Appeals Form, which can be found here.

    The appeal must be received prior to the end of the following semester to be considered. Any appeal received after this time will not be eligible for review.

    Incomplete Grading Policy

    Under limited circumstances, a student may request a grade of Incomplete (“I”) from a course instructor in the final two weeks of the semester. The decision to grant the request rests entirely with the instructor of the course provided all of the criteria listed below is met. A request for an Incomplete grade by the student can only be considered by the instructor when all of the following conditions are met:

    • the student initiates the request for an Incomplete grade by the last day of the semester;
    • the student must have completed through week 8 of the semester and be passing the course at the time of the request;
    • attendance in the course by the student has been satisfactory;
    • a health condition, family or personal emergency, or other unavoidable documented emergency legitimately prevents the student from completing the required course work by the last day of the semester;
    • the required work can reasonably be completed by the end of the following semester (whether or not the student is enrolled in that semester); and
    • the Incomplete is not based on the student’s failure to complete work during the semester or used as a means to complete additional work in order to raise the grade in the course.

    Please note:

    • Grades of “I” are not calculated into the GPA.
    • A grade of “I” is not a passing grade. A student will not receive credit for the class until a passing grade is submitted.
    • A grade of “I” is not given as a substitute for a failing grade
    • The course cannot be used as a prerequisite for another course until a passing grade is submitted.
    • Having an Incomplete grade for any course as of the third week of the next semester will prevent a student from being included on that term’s dean’s list.
    • A grade of incomplete that is not resolved by the last day of the following semester automatically changes to a grade of F.
    • A student on academic probation may not receive an incomplete grade in one or more courses. Students on academic probation must successfully complete all courses by the end of the semester.
    • Although Berklee Online’s academic policy provides students up to one full semester to complete an incomplete (I) grade, one or more “I” grades can adversely affect the Minimum 67% Pace of Completion component of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
    • A student who has an approved accommodation is responsible for all coursework and does not have blanket permission to extend timelines on all assignments. In addition, a student who receives a time extension accommodation is not automatically granted an incomplete and must meet the criteria above to receive an incomplete grade.

    Inactive Degree Policy

    Students pursuing a graduate degree with Berklee Online are required to maintain active enrollment and to be successfully progressing toward the completion of their degree program. Students who have not taken a course towards their degree program for two consecutive years (8 semesters) will be withdrawn from their program. Any student who is withdrawn from their program due to inactivity and who later wishes to return can do so by completing the Degree Reenrollment form found here.

    Graduation Requirements

    To graduate from the Berklee Online Master of Music or Master of Arts degree program, students must satisfy all program requirements and complete a minimum of 36 credits, at least 30 of which must be institutional credits. Students accepted prior to Fall 2019 must have a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.00. Students accepted Fall 2019 and after must have a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 and have received a grade of B- or higher in all courses. Prior to receiving a degree, students must fulfill all financial obligations to the college.

    Applying to Graduate

    Students must apply for graduation by academic year. The graduation application for an academic year will open during the winter term. Students planning to complete their degree requirements by the end of that academic year are asked to submit their applications by no later than March 1. Students are held responsible for determining that they have earned all necessary credits for graduation. Those students with questions regarding their eligibility are encouraged to contact their academic advisor.

    Completing the application for graduation is the only way to initiate the graduation process. A degree cannot be conferred unless the student has submitted the application for graduation. The graduation application is considered active for one academic year following its submission. If graduation requirements are not completed during this time period, the student’s application will expire and they will be required to submit a new graduation application.

    Applications submitted after the stipulated deadline may delay processing of the student’s academic record and diploma.

    Participating in the Berklee College of Music Commencement Ceremony

    Berklee Online Master of Music and Master of Arts degree students have the option of attending the master’s graduation ceremony. Students interested in participating should indicate their intention to participate in the commencement ceremony on their application for graduation.

    In order to be eligible to walk in the ceremony, graduate students must be within nine (9) credits of completing their degree requirements by the end of the spring semester. Students are responsible for ensuring that they will be within the necessary credit range to participate and can lose eligibility to take part in the ceremony should they not be in compliance with this policy.

    It is essential that students planning to walk in the ceremony submit the application for graduation by the stated deadline. Should a student submit their application late, they will need to wait until the following year to walk.

    Participating in the ceremony does not mean a degree has been conferred. Students are still responsible for successfully completing all eligibility requirements even if they have already walked in the commencement ceremony. All eligibility requirements must be successfully completed prior to degree conferral.

    Students may only participate in one ceremony per degree, even if eligibility requirements are completed during a subsequent academic year.

    Diploma Policy

    Diplomas will be mailed to the address provided on the student’s graduation application within 6-8 weeks of successful program completion. To ensure timely delivery of their diploma, students are asked to verify the accuracy of this address by contacting the Graduation Team at

    It is recommended that the name printed on a student’s diploma matches that of their academic record; however, at the time of applying to graduate a student may request a preferred name to be printed in lieu of their legal name. Special characters beyond those contained in the name cannot be included.

    College policy allows each graduate only one diploma. Should a diploma be lost, stolen, or damaged, a replacement may be requested by submitting the Diploma Replacement Form here.

    A diploma cannot be issued until a student has submitted their Application for Graduation and is free from any and all holds. Students should note that instructors have up to two weeks following the last day of the semester to submit final grades. After this point, any remaining grades of incomplete will delay graduation processing. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Graduation Team directly once an incomplete has been resolved or should a grade change after the deadline impact the student’s eligibility to graduate.

    Completing Additional Berklee Online Coursework After Graduation

    Once a student has completed their program requirements and met the necessary criteria to graduate, they are not permitted to complete additional coursework as part of their degree program. If they wish to continue their studies at Berklee Online, they may do so by enrolling in an undergraduate or graduate certificate, by completing undergraduate or graduate non-degree courses, or by applying to a different degree program at Berklee Online. Please note that students must be officially graduated from their Berklee Online degree program prior to enrolling in another degree program at Berklee Online of the same academic level.

    GPA Honors
    Master’s students who complete their program with a cumulative GPA of 3.8 and above will graduate with distinction.


    It is each student’s responsibility to work with their assigned advisor before attempting to register for courses. Berklee Online may make changes to a student’s registration schedule in situations, including but not limited to the following: (1) if a course is cancelled, (2) if the student becomes ineligible to enroll in a course due to failing or receiving an Incomplete grade for a requisite course, or (3) if a student fails to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

    Academic Year

    Berklee Online has four intensive semesters per year, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.


    After registering for courses in a given semester, students may make adjustments to their course schedule under certain conditions.

    The add/drop period at the beginning of each semester is through Thursday of week 2 of the semester. The exact deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar. After the add/drop period has ended students cannot add additional classes for any reason. Students looking to drop a course after the add/drop period has ended will need to withdraw from their course(s). Students can find more information on withdrawing from a course below.

    Students can make these changes on Self Service in Students should review their My Progress pages before making changes to the registration to ensure they are taking courses that apply to their program.

    Questions about registration or schedule adjustments may be directed to their advisor at

    Catalog Year Policy

    All students must complete the curriculum defined in the catalog at the time of their matriculation. Students may opt to change to a more recent catalog year assignment if they prefer to graduate under a newer set of curricular requirements. To do so, students should submit a request via email to Students who leave and return to Berklee Online after four or more years will automatically be assigned to the new catalog year that is in effect at the time of their return. Students may not change their catalog year assignment to an earlier catalog. However, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to discuss the applicability of past course work to their existing catalog assignment.

    Credit Limits

    Graduate students are allowed to take 9 credits per semester. Students interested in taking more than 9 credits in a semester require approval by the Berklee Online Registrar’s Office.

    Graduate Students Taking Undergraduate-level Courses

    Undergraduate-level courses (100, 200, and 300, and 400 level) will generally not be counted toward a graduate-level degree. An exception may be made for Berklee Online 400 level music business courses that map very closely to the subject area covered in courses in the music business master’s program. If a graduate student takes certain undergraduate courses to make up for deficiencies in knowledge or experience needed for the program, the course credit hours will not be used as part of the graduate degree program but will appear on the student’s academic transcript. Students should reach out to their advisor for assistance.

    Semester Length

    Each Berklee Online semester is 12 weeks in length.


    Students who have voluntarily withdrawn from the college and wish to return to their graduate program should submit the Reenrollment Form. All requests for students in good academic and financial standing will be processed for the coming semester, provided the request is receive the Friday before the first week of classes. Any forms received after this point will be processed for the following semester.

    Students on academic warning have one semester to meet satisfactory academic progress standards. Failure to meet SAP standards will result in academic and financial aid suspension.

    Reinstatement After Academic Dismissal

    Students who have been academically dismissed from the Berklee Online master’s degree program for not meeting satisfactory academic progress standards may submit a one-time request for reinstatement into their program. To be considered for reinstatement, students must complete the Reinstatement Request Form here and explain what changes they have made in their academic preparation and strategies that will improve their potential for successful degree completion. To be considered for graduate reinstatement, students must take a minimum of 6-semester credits outside of their graduate degree program with Berklee Online non-degree course offerings. The courses taken must apply to their degree program. Students must earn a grade of B or better in their courses, with no Ws, Fs, or incompletes.

    The Dean will review all requests for reinstatement, and students will receive a decision by email. The decision is final and cannot be appealed. Students who are reinstated and are not yet meeting satisfactory academic progress standards will be placed on academic probation and will need to follow an academic recovery plan until they meet the requirements.

    Satisfactory Academic Progress

    All Berklee Online graduate students are required to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). All students must meet or exceed the following three standards at the end of each semester once grades are posted to meet Berklee Online’s Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. In addition, they must meet these requirements to maintain federal financial aid eligibility.

    1. A cumulative grade point average of 2.00.
    2. A cumulative credit completion percentage of 70 percent, calculated by cumulative credit hours completed divided by cumulative credit hours attempted.
    3. The ability to complete their degree requirements for graduation within 150 percent of the normal credits allotted for degree completion. Example: A student enrolled in a 36-credit degree program has a maximum of 54 attempted credits to complete the degree.

    SAP Warning

    Failure to satisfy any one of these three standards will result in a student being placed on SAP warning. Students on SAP warning are given one additional semester of enrollment and financial aid eligibility to meet SAP standards. Students placed on SAP warning should take the necessary steps to ensure that they meet requirements by the end of the warning period. At the end of the SAP warning semester, students still not meeting SAP requirements will be placed on SAP suspension.

    SAP Suspension

    Students placed on satisfactory academic progress suspension have the option to appeal the decision to Berklee Online. At the end of the semester, students are notified of SAP suspension and have the right submit an appeal by submitting the SAP Appeal Form here. All appeals must be based on extenuating circumstances and contain written verification along will all supporting documentation of those circumstances. Students who choose not to appeal, or whose appeal is denied, face dismissal from the college.

    SAP Probation

    If an appeal is granted, students will be placed into academic probation status for one semester and must sign and agree to an academic recovery plan in order to continue to receive federal financial aid and register for classes. If students have not fulfilled the conditions of the academic recovery plan by end of the probationary period, they will face academic dismissal from the college.

    At the end of the probation period:

    • Effective Spring 2022 students on academic probation must receive a B grade or better in all courses while on an academic recovery plan. Failure to maintain a B or better will result in dismissal from the graduate degree programs. Students who are academically dismissed will need to follow the reinstatement process to be eligible for reinstatement.
    • If a student has made satisfactory academic progress and fulfilled the conditions of the academic recovery plan, his/her enrollment eligibility will be conditionally restored, and the student will maintain financial aid eligibility.
    • If a student has not made satisfactory academic progress but has fulfilled the conditions of his/her academic recovery plan, the student may request an extension to his/her academic probation.
    • If a student has not made satisfactory academic progress nor fulfilled the conditions of their academic recovery plan, the student will have their enrollment eligibility permanently revoked, resulting in academic dismissal from the college.

    Students placed on academic dismissal are ineligible for future semesters of enrollment with Berklee.

    Second Master’s Degree

    Students seeking to earn a second master’s degree through Berklee Online’s graduate degree program must do so in a discipline different from their first. Alumni from the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Music Studies program are not eligible to pursue a second master’s degree at Berklee Online and students who have graduated from a different master’s program at Berklee Online are precluded from returning to pursue a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Music Studies.

    Transcript Requests

    Berklee Online now offers an online transcript request service. Official undergraduate and graduate electronic (eTranscripts) and paper transcripts can be ordered online through our transcript partner, Parchment, an authorized delivery agent specializing in secure transcript exchange.

    Type of Transcript Delivery Method Cost
    eTranscript* Electronic Delivery $3
    Paper Transcript Standard USPS $6
    USPS International $9
    FedEx Domestic $31
    FedEx International $54

    *An eTranscript is an official transcript that has been digitally signed and certified, and can be downloaded as a PDF document through an emailed link. This is the most secure and quickest delivery method, but make sure the college or organization that is being sent your transcript accepts electronic transcripts before ordering.

    Sending Your Transcript to Berklee College of Music Campus or Boston Conservatory at Berklee?
    Students wishing to have their transcripts sent to the Berklee College of Music campus registrar or admissions office or to the Boston Conservatory at Berklee registrar or admissions office should not submit a transcript request through Parchment. Instead, fill out the Berklee College of Music Credit Transfer Request form, which can be found here.

    Important Information:

    • To access the Official Transcript Request, students will need to log into their Berklee Online account. Students who do not remember their login information can send an email to
    • Transcripts cannot be processed if you have an outstanding financial obligation to Berklee Online.
    • Transcripts contain confidential academic information and are released in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), and therefore transcript requests will not be processed without a legal signature (or secured electronic authorization).
    • Normal processing time for a transcript is 7-14 business days from receipt of order; delivery times may be extended during times of high volume.
    • During the online transcript ordering process, you will have the option of attaching files to your order to be forwarded along with your transcript.
    • Transcript orders on hold for 90 days or more are automatically cancelled.
    • Berklee Online does not provide unofficial transcripts. Non-degree students wishing to view their grades can do so on their home page. Degree students can view their grades at
    • For questions or additional information about Berklee Online transcript request service, contact the Berklee Online Registrar’s Office at

    Enrollment Verification

    To obtain an enrollment verification letter, please complete the Enrollment Verification Request Form below. A signature and date are both required. Please allow up to 5-7 business days from receipt of request to process enrollment verification.
    Enrollment verification cannot be provided for future semesters. However, confirmation of registration can be provided if student is registered for an upcoming semester.

    Enrollment verification cannot be processed if you have an outstanding financial obligation to Berklee Online.

    All enrollment verification documentation will be provided in US Dollars.

    Transferring to or from Non-Degree Enrollment

    Students pursuing a degree program through Berklee Online can transfer their enrollment to a certificate program by contacting their academic advisor. Students will be required to submit the Degree College Withdrawal Form here and pay the registration fee for the certificate program they wish to pursue. No refunds will be issued for tuition or fees paid towards a degree program. Courses taken on campus at Berklee College of Music, transferred in from outside institutions, or those awarded credit through prior learning are not eligible to be used towards a certificate program. Students cannot apply courses from a completed Berklee Online degree program to a certificate program.

    Students enrolled in an active degree program cannot be enrolled in individual courses or certificate programs. Students who have been accepted into a degree program will be withdrawn from any prepaid individual courses or certificate program courses and tuition will be transferred to the degree program unless otherwise requested. The certificate program will also be marked inactive.


    Withdrawal from Courses/Semester

    Withdrawing from a course is the responsibility of the student. Students can withdraw with a grade of W through week 8 of the semester. Students are strongly advised to consult with their advisor, instructor, or Student Success prior to withdrawing from a course. No withdrawals are accepted after week 8. Students continue to be financially responsible for any course they withdraw from and are not eligible for a tuition refund or replacement course. Students should note that withdrawing from a course might affect their eligibility to receive scholarships, financial aid, and veterans’ benefits. Once the withdrawal deadline has passed, all registered students will receive a course grade based on the stated grading criteria.

    Students wishing to withdraw from a course(s) and/or semester should complete and submit the Degree Course(s) / Semester Withdrawal Form.

    Withdrawal from the College

    Students who wish to withdraw from the college must complete the Degree College Withdrawal Form.

    No credit is granted if students are suspended, dismissed, or leave the college without formally withdrawing. In some instances, financial aid awards may be prorated upon withdrawal from the college. Contact the Office of Financial Aid or see below for more information.

    Withdrawal Due to Medical Reasons

    Students who need to withdraw from their course(s) for medical reasons may be eligible for a medical withdrawal and refund. A medical withdrawal will be considered only if accompanied by a written verification from a medical doctor on letterhead stating the student cannot complete the semester due to an illness or disability. Please note the doctor’s note must be in English and in an uneditable format to be considered. The withdrawal will not be allowed if a student fails to submit medical documentation to the Student Success department prior to the end of week 8 of the semester. If the requested medical withdrawal is approved, the student will receive a grade of “W” for the semester.

    Students wishing to withdraw from a course(s) or the semester due to medical reasons should complete and submit the Degree Medical Withdrawal Form Form.

    Administrative Withdrawal Due to Non-Participation

    Students pursuing a degree through Berklee Online are required to maintain regular participation in the courses in which they are enrolled.

    Through week 10 of the semester, students who do not participate in any of their courses for two consecutive weeks will be administratively withdrawn from their courses, unless prior arrangements have been made with their instructor, academic advisor, or Student Success department. Participation is defined as posting an assignment within a course. No administrative withdrawals will be processed for lack of participation during the last two weeks of the semester; students will be required to finish the semester and will be issued the grade earned.

    Extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from participating, either at the beginning of the semester or during the semester, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Student Success department.

    Administrative withdrawals may have implications for a student’s financial aid award and satisfactory academic progress. Students who are administratively withdrawn from their courses will not be eligible for a tuition refund. Administrative withdrawal from courses during a semester does not relieve the student of financial responsibility for any costs associated with, or resulting from, registration for the semester, including tuition, registration, or any fees. When students are administratively withdrawn from their courses, a final grade of “W” will be entered into their academic record and they will be removed from their courses for the semester.

    The course participation policy is in place in order to encourage prompt and regular online participation that assists our students in being successful in their degree program and to also comply with federal financial aid regulations. Administrative withdrawals are not used to facilitate students in avoiding poor or failing grades. Therefore, students are unable to request to be administratively withdrawn for any reason before or after the Week 8 withdrawal deadline.

    Withdrawal from Berklee Online with Financial Aid

    Title IV federal financial aid for graduate programs includes Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans.

    Per federal regulation, students who receive Title IV federal financial aid and who fully withdraw from Berklee Online on or before the 60 percent point in the semester (in calendar days) are entitled to keep only the portion of Title IV federal student aid that they have earned to that point. Students who receive federal financial aid and withdraw after the 60 percent point of the semester are considered to have earned all of their federal student aid for that semester.

    Students who stop attending all classes without officially withdrawing are considered to be “walking-away.” The federal aid received during the semester will be subject to the federal return calculation based on the effective date of withdrawal, which is determined by the last recorded date of academically related activity (see Administrative Withdrawal Due to Non-Participation).

    Post-Withdrawal Disbursement
    Students who withdraw prior to Title IV funds being disbursed may be eligible for a portion of their available aid. Students eligible for Federal Direct Loans will be notified of the percentage of their loan(s) for which they are eligible and will be given 14 days to accept the loan(s) and have it applied to their balance. Loans will not be applied without confirmation.

    Return of Federal Financial Aid
    Based on a pro-rata schedule, the percentage of the semester attended is used to calculate the amount of a student’s earned/unearned federal financial aid funds. Any unearned federal aid must be returned to the federal government. Federal aid funds previously disbursed will be adjusted and may create a balance owed to the college. Students are responsible for any balance due after the return of funds calculation has been completed.

    The unearned portion of Title IV federal financial aid will be returned to the appropriate aid programs in the following order:

    • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan

    • Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

    Refunds to the student and/or to the federal financial aid programs by the student or the college will be made within 30 days of the date that the college determines the student has withdrawn.

    The chart below will help explain how refunds are calculated. Refer to the column that applies to a student’s withdrawal/federal student-aid status at Berklee College of Music. The college will calculate a student’s tuition charges and aid eligibility under the policy, which applies to a student’s status and withdrawal.

    Withdrawal Tuition and Aid Percentage Chart

    Time Tuition Charged Federal Aid Earned
    Before classes begin 0% 0%
    Monday of Week 1 0% 6%
    Monday of Week 2 0% 14%
    Monday of Week 3 100% 20%
    Monday of Week 4 100% 28%
    Monday of Week 5 100% 34%
    Monday of Week 6 100% 41%
    Monday of Week 7 100% 48%
    Monday of Week 8 100% 54%
    Monday of Week 9-12 100% 100%

    *These percentages are weekly guidelines; actual refunds are based on calendar days. This represents the amount of student aid that is earned at the point of withdrawal. Unearned Federal Aid will be returned to the government. Final eligibility will be determined by the Office of Financial Aid within 30 days of the student withdrawing from classes.

    State funds have their own eligibility criteria for when students withdraw. State regulations vary, and we recommend students check with their state or with the Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility for any state funds when withdrawing.

    Veterans’ benefits, too, have their own eligibility criteria for when students withdraw. We encourage any student receiving veterans’ benefits to talk with the veterans’ certifying official for Berklee Online before withdrawing from the college.

    Note that when a student fully withdraws, any adjusted Berklee charges that have not been paid are still owed to the college.

    For more information, contact:
    Office of Financial Aid
    Berklee College of Music
    921 Boylston Street
    Boston, MA 02215
    (617) 747-2073

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