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Graduate Certificate and Individual Course FAQs

General Graduate Program FAQs

Does being approved for a graduate level course/certificate mean I am also accepted into Berklee Online’s master’s degree program?
No, all students interested in Berklee Online’s master’s degree program are required to apply, and be accepted. For more information regarding master’s degree programs please visit

Can graduate level courses taken through Berklee Online be counted towards a Berklee Online master’s degree?
Yes, but only if the course is taken for credit. Please Note: only courses that directly apply to a specific master’s degree requirement will be applied towards the program. There are no elective requirements in the Berklee Online master’s degree curriculum. For more information regarding master’s degree programs please visit

Can I take both an undergraduate and a graduate level course in the same Certificate?
No. Certificates are designed to be completed entirely within the same academic level.

Are these the same courses I would take as a Berklee Online master’s degree student?
Yes, although there are certain graduate level courses that are only available to master’s degree students.

Do I need to take courses in a certain order?
No. While we strongly recommend taking all of the courses in sequential order, it is not required.  Prerequisite information will be listed within each course. In addition, some courses will have a self assessment quiz to help you determine if you have the prerequisite knowledge to be successful in the course.

What kind of gear/software will I need for production courses?
Information on required materials will be listed within each course.  

Will I need to be able to record other musicians?
Yes, in the production courses there are requirements for students to record other musicians.

How long is the graduate certificate program?
Each certificate program will consist of 9 credits (3 courses).  Students can complete these programs within 3 semesters if courses are taken each semester.

Is there an application process, audition or portfolio required to enroll in a graduate certificate or individual graduate course?
No, you will simply enroll in the course or certificate program you are interested in pursuing.  Upon completion of the enrollment process you will need to submit a copy of your undergraduate transcript that indicates a completed bachelor’s degree.

Proof of Bachelor’s Degree FAQs

Do I need to submit an official transcript for proof of a bachelor’s degree?
No, a copy of an undergraduate transcript that indicates you have completed a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited* institution is sufficient. To submit this information, please fill out the Credential Verification Form and provide your transcript as an attachment. Keep in mind that if you later decide to apply to the Berklee Online Master’s program, you will need to provide official copies of your academic transcripts. **Special consideration is given to students who have completed their bachelor’s degree at music institutions with national accreditation.

Am I eligible if I completed my baccalaureate/bachelor degree outside of the US?
Potentially, but it’s important to keep in mind that different countries have different requirements for completing a bachelor’s degree, which may or may not be comparable to US standards. You can submit a copy of your academic transcript alongside the Credential Verification Form. In the meantime, questions about a specific credential can emailed to the Credential Verification team at

What if my transcripts are not in English?
Students who complete their bachelor’s degree in a non-English speaking country need to provide a translation of their academic transcripts in addition to a copy of the original transcripts.

Do I still need to submit a transcript if I received my degree from Berklee Online?
No, if you have received your undergraduate degree through Berklee Online you do not need to submit your transcript or the Credential Verification Form.  

Do I need to submit my transcript if I received my degree from Berklee College of Music’s campus program?
No, but you do still need to submit the Credential Verification Form and check the box indicating that you graduated from Berklee College of Music. Please also be sure to include as much information as you can so that we can accurately find your student record and confirm your Berklee degree (e.g. legal name while in attendance, student ID, graduation year, graduation program, etc).

Do I have to submit proof of a bachelor’s degree before enrolling in a graduate level course/certificate?
No, but you are required to submit proof of a bachelor’s degree, and have it approved by our Credential Verification team, before you are able to begin your course. Failure to submit adequate proof of a bachelor’s degree before the end of the first week of the semester will result in your enrollment being delayed by a semester.

Do I have to submit proof of a bachelor’s degree every time I enroll in a graduate level course/certificate?
No, once your proof of a bachelor’s degree has been submitted and verified by our team, you are approved for any graduate level course/certificate offered by Berklee Online.  Students who go on to apply for the master’s degree program with Berklee Online will need to submit official transcripts with their application.

How long does it take to verify my proof of bachelor’s degree documentation?
Please allow 7-10 business days for the Credential Verification team to review your submission. If your documentation is not found to be sufficient, they will contact you with next steps.

Can I enroll in a graduate certificate or individual graduate course if I have not earned a bachelor’s degree?
Unfortunately only those students who have earned a bachelor’s degree and can provide a transcript showing this credential are allowed to take a graduate level certificate or individual graduate course.

Paying for a Graduate Certificate/Individual Course FAQs

Can I use financial aid?
Federal financial aid is not available to students pursuing a graduate certificate or individual courses. However, you may be able to use a private educational loan to finance your certificate program tuition and fees.

Can I use Military Benefits to pay for certificate tuition?
Yes, you can use military benefits such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill as well as military tuition assistance through the various military branches.

Is there a payment plan we can use to pay for individual courses and certificate programs?
While there is no structured payment plan, individual course and certificate students have the option to make multiple partial payments, as long as all tuition and fees are paid in full prior to the start of the semester.

What are my payment options?
Payments can be made via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, check, or money order. More information about our payment options can be found here.

What are the options for private loans?
Berklee Online does not recommend one specific lender; it is the students responsibility to compare loan options and determine which loan will best fit their needs. Each lender’s loan programs may have different requirements. Students should be sure to check with their lender regarding the loan programs they qualify for that best suit their needs.

What is the cost of an individual graduate course or graduate certificate program?
More information regarding tuition and fees can be found here.

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