Advanced Professional Certificate

Music Production and Technology

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12 Courses (36 Credits) or $1,479 Per Course
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To succeed in a career involving producing, recording, mixing, engineering, and mastering music, you need to know the latest technology, tools, and techniques plus the interpersonal skills required to get the best out of musicians. You’ll also need an understanding of the core music theory that serves as the underpinning for most truly great music. In this certificate program, you’ll learn all of this and develop a portfolio along the way, working with Berklee’s renowned music production and engineering faculty and collaborating with musicians and producers from all over the world.


12 Courses to Complete this Certificate (8 Required, plus 4 Electives)

8 Required Courses

Music Production Analysis (OMPRD-160)
Level 1 Course
by Stephen Webber
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Develop the skills to listen to music like a seasoned music producer. Learn to identify the elements of effective records, and gain the skills to bring these elements to your own productions.

Critical Listening 1 (OMPRD-162)
Level 1 Course
by Dan Thompson
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Create compelling, professional-sounding songs by learning to identify the production elements that contribute to a well balanced, artful and professional-sounding mix.

Pro Tools 101 (OMPRD-180)
Level 1 Course
by Andy Edelstein

Pro Tools 101 constitutes the first stage of Avid's Pro Tools certification program. Learn the foundational skills needed to understand Pro Tools technology and software. This course instructs you on recording, editing, and mixing on a basic level, and will put you on the road to becoming a Pro Tools operator from home.

Audio Fundamentals for Recording (OMPRD-210)
Level 2 Course
by Dan Thompson

Learn how to properly set up, operate, and manage a recording studio or live sound reinforcement installations of any size, integrating both analog and digital elements and interconnects.

Pro Tools 110 (OMPRD-221)
Level 2 Course
by Andy Edelstein

This second stage of Avid's Pro Tools certification program teaches a broad range of tools and Berklee production techniques that will help you tackle more complex Pro Tools projects and enhance your capabilities in all aspects of Pro Tools production.

Microphone Techniques (OMPRD-355)
Level 3 Course
by Andy Edelstein

Effective microphone techniques resulted in some of the most iconic music ever committed to tape. Consider Phil Spector's signature "Wall of Sound," which relied heavily on appropriate microphone techniques, or Led Zeppelin's iconic recording of John Bonham's drums on "When the Levee Breaks," recorded with a stereo microphone on the second floor stairway at Headley Grange Studio. Whether your sessions feature a single vocalist or rapper, metal trio, or large big-band jazz ensemble, the ability to get good sounds is essential to producing competitive results.

Vocal Production (OMPRD-365)
Level 3 Course
by Prince Charles Alexander and Mitch Benoff

This course guides you through the essential concepts and methods to master the craft of vocal production. You will learn the technical aspects of working with the vocal and the personal, artistic aspects of working with a vocalist to achieve the best performance - skills that can be applied to many roles from engineer to producer to artist.

Art of Mixing (OMPRD-420)
Level 4 Course
by Alejandro Rodriguez and Richard Mendelson

Explore the many creative and technical considerations necessary to mix in today's music production environment. Acquire the core skill set needed to mix multi-track master recordings to a stereo final mix-down suitable for release.

Upon Completion of this Certificate Program, You'll Receive:

  • Professional level credential from the world leader in music education
  • Credits that may be eligible for transfer toward a Bachelor's degree program
  • A physical certificate from Berklee College of Music
  • A verified, digital certificate that you can share


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