Online Ableton Live Certificates

Complete an online music certificate program that includes Ableton Live-specific courses, and gain the professional credentials and marketable skills you need for success.

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(Bachelor's degree required)
Set Track 3-5 Courses 8-12 Courses 3 Courses
Create Your Own 4 Courses 8 Courses Not Currently Available
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Level: Professional
Ableton Live
3 Courses (9 Credits)
This program culminates in in-depth training on Live components such as Operator, Sampler, Analog, Tension, and Electric. You'll gain the chops to bring to life your most creative musical ideas, both in the studio, and onstage!
Level: Professional
Composing and Producing Electronic Music
3 Courses (9 Credits)
Whether you’re a musician or a producer, this certificate program will teach you how to add an electronic flavor to your production and move your pieces to the next level.
Level: Advanced Professional
Electronic Music Production and Sound Design
9 Courses (27 Credits)
Whether you are a performing electronic musician with recording experience or a newcomer looking to fill in gaps in your knowledge, this program meets you where you are and helps you raise your game to the next level.