Online Pro Tools Certificates

Complete an online music certificate program that includes Pro Tools-specific courses, and gain the professional credentials and marketable skills you need for success.

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(Bachelor's degree required)
Set Track 3-5 Courses 8-12 Courses 3 Courses
Create Your Own 4 Courses 8 Courses Not Currently Available
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Level: Professional
Music Production
5 Courses (15 Credits)
Berklee’s incomparable music production faculty present this detailed certificate program to guide you in this work, from concept to completed, mastered recording. Bridging theory and practice, you’ll learn the art and the science of producing great music on any digital audio workstation (DAW).
Level: Professional
Pro Tools
4 Courses (12 Credits)
Learn the basics and advanced pro tips of harnessing the powerful capabilities of Pro Tools to set up your studio and excel in audio editing, mixing, and mastering.