Online Music Theory, Harmony, and Ear Training Certificates

Complete an online music certificate program in Music Theory, Harmony, and Ear Training, and gain the professional credentials and marketable skills you need for success.

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Level: Professional
Music Theory and Composition
4 Courses (12 Credits)
Explore music theory in depth while learning how different cultures throughout the ages have contributed to varied practices in melody, harmony, and rhythm. Then apply this knowlege to your own compositions.
Level: Advanced Professional
Theory, Harmony & Ear Training
8 Courses (24 Credits)
This music theory certificate program will help you gain a professional command of the mechanics behind most of the contemporary music that you enjoy.
Level: Professional
Music Theory
3 Courses (9 Credits)
Gain a concrete foundation in music, from reading and writing music notation to advanced topics such as modal and pentatonic melodies and harmonic tensions.
Level: Professional
Voice Technique and Musicianship
3 Courses (9 Credits)
Catered to vocalists, this certificate program offers everything from music theory to ear training to voice studies (breath, technique, vocal care, etc.).
Required Courses You'll Complete as Part of this Certificate