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Songwriting Tutorial

with Pat Pattison

"The tools don't change from genre to genre. I don't care if you're writing country music, Broadway, heavy metal, alternative rock, or whatever; the tools don't change. Irving Berlin is doing the same thing as Sting; it's just how you express it in your own voice." - Pat Pattison

pat PattisonPat Pattison is an author, clinician, and Berkleemusic author/instructor of Lyric Writing: Tools and Strategies, Lyric Writing: Writing From the Title, and Lyric Writing: Writing Lyrics to Music. In this Master Class clinic recorded at Berklee College of Music, Pattison works with Berklee student Allison Rapetti to integrate the tools and techniques from his online Lyric Writing: Writing Lyrics to Music course into her song "Amelia."

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Pat Pattison Master Class Clinic

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01. Melodic Rhythm and Lyric Rhythm

Pat talks about the relationship between lyric rhythm and melodic rhythm: "I can't find you now. You're hiding in a big rain cloud."

02. Melodic Rhythm and Lyric Rhythm: Stressed Notes as Spotlights

Pat talks about the importance of keeping smaller grammatical functions in the background, and making sure the right works are lighted by the melodic rhythm.

03. Melodic Rhythm and Lyric Rhythm: Preserving the Natural Shape of the Language

Pat talks about the benefits of preserving the natural shape of the language for the performer's emotional connection to the song.