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Ruth Mendelson

Ruth Mendelson

A New York Times Critics' Pick and Emmy nominee, composer/producer/arranger Ruth Mendelson
has been writing award-winning scores for documentaries, HBO, National Geographic, Discovery
Channel, Disney, Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, A&E, PBS, CBS, and NBC (among others),
as well as creating innovative multi-media surround-scapes for over 25 years.
Ruth was the first woman in the history of Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) to teach in the Film
Scoring Department, where she designs and teaches master classes in documentary and dramatic

Recent film scores include The Prison Within (Apple/iTunes), The Hope (Disney Plus/National
Geographic). Ruth is currently producing a series of audio books for Dr. Jane Goodall (first release:
My Life with The Chimpanzees, Hatchett Press) and composed the soundtrack for Dr. Goodall’s
podcast series, Hopecast.

An active studio musician, Ruth has been featured playing a number of instruments in a wide variety
of genres with artists in LA, New York, Boston, Europe and India. She has also served as location
sound recordist for the U.S. and international documentaries, most recently in spring 2017 when
recording location sound on the high plains of Mongolia for the documentary film series "Mongolian

Ruth is a keynote speaker, music director and author. Her novel, The Water Tree Way, is quickly becoming a favorite for children of all ages around the world

She has performed at the United Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland, as bassist for the One Human
Family Gospel Choir and is founder and president of Eagle Vision Initiatives, a non-profit
organization dedicated to serving society through communications and the arts. Eagle Vision's
premier initiative, the WELL WISHES Project, is now successfully establishing unprecedented lines
of communication and resources between the world's youth. Her deepest commitment is to be of
service and assist in bringing love, compassion and positive change to society via a wide range of
creative projects and programs.