Online Faculty:

Bill Gibson

Music Production

Bill Gibson is president of Northwest Music and Recording and has spent the last 25 years writing, recording, producing, and teaching music. As an audio professional and active sound engineer, Bill has developed unique insight into the techniques and procedures that produce extremely high quality audio, both in the recording studio and in live performances. He is the author of 30 books and videos, and his writings are acclaimed for their straightforward and understandable explanations of audio concepts and applications. He is an instructor at Green River College in Auburn, WA, and holds degrees in composition, arranging, and recording.

As a music pastor and technical director for 15 years at a large contemporary-music oriented church in the Seattle area, Bill gained a unique insight into the integration of ministry, technical and musical considerations, and a quest for excellence. He approaches technical considerations from a musical vantage point, which explains his straightforward and easy-to-understand teaching style.