Online Faculty:

John Czajkowski

John Czajkowski has been active in the concert touring industry for nearly two decades now. A freelancer who’s worked for numerous productions, Mr. Czajkowski has fulfilled the roles of tour manager, tour accountant, production manager, and road manager giving him a broad overview of the touring industry. The roster of artists he has worked for includes: Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Prince, Ringo Starr, The Strokes, and Oasis, just to name a few. Through his work with several of the world’s top performing artists, he’s seen the concert touring industry evolve and has followed the latest trends in production, ticketing, VIP sales, merchandising, and numerous other ancillary revenue generators. John has become highly sought after and is capable of managing tours and settling shows of all sizes from small theaters to massive stadiums. He currently maintains a busy touring schedule, traveling worldwide at the requests of artists, agents, and business managers seeking his vast background and expertise.