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Jon Connolly

Jon Connolly

Music Production

A musician, live sound engineer and DJ from San Francisco, I was bitten by the music bug early on by The Beatles Revolver and my first concert, Tower of Power.

Many local clubs, corporate events, outdoor festivals and a five year stint at computer giant Hewlett-Packard, prepared me for a "day gig" at a small, relatively unknown company called Digidesign. My musician and computer technician background was relatively rare in the early 1990's and made me a great fit for a Tech Support gig juggling calls from frustrated Sound Designer II and Pro Tools 2.8 users (yes, Pro Tools version 2.8!).

Several years in the Digidesign Tech Support trenches primed me for a Pro Tools Product Specialist position in Los Angeles. This gig put me into most any and every Los Angeles studio possible... Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Capitol, The Village, Record One, Wonderland (Stevie Wonder), Herbie Hancock, Westlake, KLOS, Vai’s Mothership and many many more... demo’ing, installing, training and supporting Pro Tools systems.

Fast forward to today where I’m a Pro Tools Master Instructor for Avid. I travel the world training Pro Tools Instructors and users of all levels.

I also maintain my own Los Angeles based company, Pro Tools Services, offering "Pro Tools Therapy", support, installs, upgrades, training, consulting, etc.