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Jonathan Bickoff

Jonathan Bickoff

Music Production and Music for Film, TV, and Games

Jonathan Bickoff is a seasoned professional in the fields of acoustics, engineering, and music. Jonathan’s 15+ years of experience spans across academia, industry, and creative endeavors. 

As a Partner and Acoustician at Walters-Storyk Design Group LLC, Jonathan demonstrates exceptional leadership in managing projects, ensuring adherence to schedules, budgets, and client expectations. He is regarded as a global resource for his expertise in Acoustic and Audio-Video specialties, contributing to the design and implementation of world class facilities. 

Jonathan’s academic background includes studying Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry and Business from Mercy University, earned with distinction. 

In addition to his industry achievements, Jonathan is dedicated to shaping the next generation of music production professionals. As an Acoustic Architecture Instructor at Berklee College of Music, he leads engaging classes that blend theory with hands-on experience, empowering students to excel in the field.

Jonathan believes in the power of sound to inspire, uplift, and transcend boundaries, and is dedicated to advancing the field through his work and mentorship.